Weaker Sex? Subservient? Quiet in Church? Second Class?

What is the role of women in this day and age? What was the role back in the day? You know, back in the day of the garden when the Creator of All decided that it was not good for man to be alone? Has anything changed since that first day of the model named ISHA?

Stay tuned and check back often…we’re just getting started!

  • What’s in a name?
  • What about women in the bible?
  • What about women in ministry?
  • Have we been led down the wrong garden path?
  • Are we following what the Holy One, the Creator of mankind made us to be or are we simply allowing ourselves to be deluded by thousands of years of the teachings of tradition, man and culture?

Here are a few links to get you started on your journey and I’ll be adding my own teachings as soon as I can transfer them off the external hardrive 😉

Let’s test it out … then draw your own conclusions.

Eve ~ YHWH’s Lifegiver by Boaz Nieuwhof

Guardian Angel ~ Skip Moen

A Mighty Warrior  ~ Dr. Frank Seekins

House of David Fellowship

Women in Leadership – What do the Scriptures Say?

Women In Leadership in the Assembly Part 1

Women In Leadership in the Assembly Part 2

Women in Leadership as Overseer

Marriage Part 1

Marriage – Ezer

Marriage – Ezer Part 2

Marriage Debunking the Myths of the Fall

All audios have pdf scripts & power point presentations at House of David website.

Guardian Angel – interview with Hebrew Nation Radio and Skip Moen


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A good friend has a blog that I think …. no …. I know you will enjoy – check it out!...

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You said WHAT?

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Ezer Kenegdo … yep – that’s what I said! And you respond – WHAT? I did too. It’s been a couple years and a few watershed moments -but it’s finally sinking in. Want to know more? There are a few spots left at the Ezer Kenegdo meetings with Skip Moen in the Kansas City, MO area. Check it...

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A Woman They Call Eve

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She has come to us down through the centuries as a woman who failed. A woman who failed her mission, her man and her God. A failure. Totally. Not only a failure but a complete failure. And so the picture of who she was in the beginning has become distorted, perverted-nothing anyone would want to emulate. Who wants to be a failure? Not me. Unfortunately, from the very first one designed down to every one created since, has carried that tattered mantle of ‘not enough’ – unbeknownst to them. Bottom line, God made a mistake....

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Esther…and Concealment

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We all know the story – have read it a hundred times – is there anything new in there? Let’s see if we can look back in time and dig a little deeper shall we? Setting aside all the nuances of Esther and Haman and Mordechai and the King, let’s look at a layer that is right there before us, but glanced over for what we deem to be mystical and spiritual. Now I have everyone’s attention – yes? What don’t we know about this Queen? Well, first of all – this short excerpt will barely scratch the...

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Going and Coming

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Going and Coming

A great message by Skip Moen – if you enjoy his teachings, please make sure to join us in August where he will be speaking in Kansas City, MO!   Going and Coming by Skip Moen, D. Phil. I will ask the Father, and he will give you another helper who will be with you forever. John 14:16 NASB Another helper – We all know this Greek word, Paraklete, “the Helper.” Growing up in the Western Church, we were told that this is a circumlocution for the Holy Spirit. This verse in John is typically used to establish the person of the Holy...

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A New Purim

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A New Purim

The megillah (story) of Esther (hidden star) will be read throughout the world by many of the Jewish faith next week to remember the festival of Purim. A fast was called to open the doors of heaven for a miracle during that time. The story line was about an egotistical, arrogant adviser to the king, named Haman, who devised a plan to exterminate all the Jews in the land of Persia (which is modern day Iran). The unlikely hero of the story was a young Jewish girl named Hadassah (a myrtle branch) who was called upon by her uncle Mordechai to go...

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Skip Moen August Conference in KC

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Ezer Kenegdo in Kansas City in August by Skip Moen, D. Phil. Thanks to Sandy Smail, Pam Staley and Jane Diffenderfer, I will be speaking in Kansas City on August 18-19.  This conference is about the ‘ezer kenegdo, the foundation of all relationships.  We will examine the Genesis text, Paul’s use of these ideas in the apostolic writings and what we have learned since the publication of Guardian Angel.  We will also have some hands-on exercises to help us apply the concepts.  The role women play, and the blessing they are for their husbands, is...

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Guardian Angel: A postscript

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Guardian Angel is a terrifying book for men. It shouldn’t be, but it is. And not for all men, it seems. Some men just get it. Their relationships with their wives are on such solid footing that they recognize the blessing a wife can be and they welcome the biblical validation. But not most men. Women, on the other hand, read Guardian Angel and feel comforted. They realize, sometimes for the first time, that their instincts for nurturing, care, protection and correction are godly, purposefully designed into the very fabric of who they are as...

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Chava, Eve, Helpmeet ~ What’s in a name?

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Chava, Eve, Helpmeet ~ What’s in a name?

So many various names that have been given to the first woman created by the Holy One of All Creation – what’s in a name? Well, we are going to go a little bit deeper here and see exactly what IS in a name! As we study out the various words (cause words mean something you know!) we will discover a wealth of information contained within the descriptive language the Holy One breathed upon that first feminine creation whom He extracted from the man Adam. We will find out that the word helpmeet is a poor translation for such a deep...

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New Study on Women in Scripture

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For the next three months we will be digging into some of the scriptures that speak about the women in the Bible… the Matriarchs, the Warrior Women of YHWH. Join with us as we go thru some of these magnificent, courageous and insightful ladies who exemplify what it is to be an Ezer Kenegdo ~ the real description given by the Holy One to the woman He designed to walk with the man . We’ll begin with CHAVA, or Eve, the mother of all living. Who was she? Why was she here? Why did Adam need a counterpart? What was her purpose and what...

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