Weaker Sex? Subservient? Quiet in Church? Second Class?

What is the role of women in this day and age? What was the role back in the day? You know, back in the day of the garden when the Creator of All decided that it was not good for man to be alone? Has anything changed since that first day of the model named ISHA?

Stay tuned and check back often…we’re just getting started!

  • What’s in a name?
  • What about women in the bible?
  • What about women in ministry?
  • Have we been led down the wrong garden path?
  • Are we following what the Holy One, the Creator of mankind made us to be or are we simply allowing ourselves to be deluded by thousands of years of the teachings of tradition, man and culture?

Here are a few links to get you started on your journey and I’ll be adding my own teachings as soon as I can transfer them off the external hardrive 😉

Let’s test it out … then draw your own conclusions.

Eve ~ YHWH’s Lifegiver by Boaz Nieuwhof

Guardian Angel ~ Skip Moen

A Mighty Warrior  ~ Dr. Frank Seekins

House of David Fellowship

Women in Leadership – What do the Scriptures Say?

Women In Leadership in the Assembly Part 1

Women In Leadership in the Assembly Part 2

Women in Leadership as Overseer

Marriage Part 1

Marriage – Ezer

Marriage – Ezer Part 2

Marriage Debunking the Myths of the Fall

All audios have pdf scripts & power point presentations at House of David website.

Guardian Angel – interview with Hebrew Nation Radio and Skip Moen

Hebrew word Study – Skip Moen

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For those of you in the midwest, there is a great opportunity available to attend a conference that may just change your life. If nothing else, it will challenge you to test everything! Skip Moen of Hebrew Word Study will be teaching on July 15 and 16th in Sedalia, MO. The topics that will tentatively be covered are: Jacob’s Crossing – the story of self-identity and family dynamics in Genesis Wonder – Finding God in the silence of His creation The story of Rehab The meeting place will be at the FCS Financial Office Building, 2600 S. Limit CT,...

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A New Dawn

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A New Dawn

This past weekend was a breath of fresh air…it was a new dawn…it was an awakening! An intimate, now closely knit, group of ladies stood in unison to reclaim the roles that the Holy One of Israel had given them in the garden. Each, quietly and with inner resolve, determined and purposed to guard, strengthen, build up, restore and reconcile the body of Messiah. Ishas (women) of all walks of life leaned in closely to hear from the King. And they were rewarded for their ‘endurance’. Friendships were made, renewed and...

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Mid-week ponderings…

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So it is mid-week…Wednesday…and some call it ‘hump’ day…well, this week – that’s not too far from the truth for this ole lady (ok Meleah I hear you – I’m NOT OLD LOL). But I am tired…yep, tired of thinking too much, tired of trying to understand people, tired of doing the right things, tired of being there for everyone, tired of hearing well wishes and seeing smiling faces when underneath lurks smirks … simply tired and worn out in so many ways, shapes and forms. Whew…now...

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Eve – The Lifegiver

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Boaz Nieuwhof does an excellent scriptural study – verse by verse – of who “Eve” and thus all of womankind was meant to be in Yahweh’s terms! Check this video out, do your own study from the verses and the Hebrew words…and see what you...

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A Mighty Warrior

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This is an excellent presentation by Dr. Frank Seekins at Mark Biltz’s congregation on ‘The Mighty Warrior’ – A Hebrew-biblical view of ‘Woman’.

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Guardian Angel Interview with Skip

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And here’s an interview done by the great folks at Hebrew Nation Radio with Skip Moen on his book – Guardian Angel! Guardian Angel Interview

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Guardian Angel

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If you would like to learn more about the roles and description of ‘woman’ according to the description and calling that the Creator Himself (God) spoke to her in the beginning (Genesis!), the Guardian Angel book by Skip Moen is a must have. You can also listen to the audio clip we’ve provided concerning the Scriptural Role of the Ezer. The Scriptural Role of the...

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