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Awe is beginning to permeate the atmosphere. Wonder is rapidly rising in our hearts. Fallen human minds and cells of corrupted human flesh are slowly beginning to respond. This is Day 4 of the Awesome Days of our Creator.

Today we are being called to reconnect with the Fourth Prophetic Empowerment of His Covenant. The Holy One instructed us:

זָכֹור אֶת־יֹום הַשַּׁבָּת לְקַדְּשֹֽׁו

[Commemorate the Sabbath Day; cherish and Be Watchful to Preserve its Holiness]

From the period of beginnings, and through the era of the Heavens and the Earth, the 7th Day of the Week was designed by the Creator to be recognized and treated by man as unique and precious among the days. The Seventh Day is not a day of ordinary work or frenzied activity. The Seventh Day is Yom ha-Shabbat [the Sabbath Day].

The Seventh Day is a day for man to stop his frenzied activity on earth, disengage from stress, worry, labor and burden, reconnect with the Breath, Heart, Brilliant Mind, and Healing Presence of the Creator, debrief, refresh and celebrate all the precious gifts of the Creator – important things like life, breath, health, family, friends, redemption, protection, provision, identity, influence, mission, destiny and purpose.

What is the rub? Why do human beings resist the call to free-fall into the arms of His Creator? Why does the prospect of 24 hours in the embrace of the One Who Knows Us Best and Loves Us Most intimidate so many?

Human beings love to bury themselves in frenzied activity – or frenzied activities of recreation and religion – in the ‘now’. While they are engaged in frenzied activity, ‘recreation’ or religion, you see, they temporarily feel [in a fleshly way, of course], useful and valuable. It is a horrible, toxic form of bondage – enslavement to human ‘works’. It is human folly of the highest nature.It is self-worship. And for that reason is a deadly poison to the person who indulges it and to his or her family, friends and entire circle of influence.

Why do human beings insist on making up their own definitions of what [a] is important and needed, and [b] what will make them and others ‘happy’? It is all about CONTROL. Man craves it. It is part of the aftertaste one gets from eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The Fourth Empowerment of the Holy One follows up the ‘Commemorate’ instruction with the following very clear life-enhancing, joy-producing directive;

”the seventh day is the Sabbath of YHVH your God. In it you will do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates”

There it is. Every human being and animal within your sphere of influence is to enjoy a day of ‘no work’ – i.e. no frenzied activity of any kind – on every Yom ha-Shabbat. On the seventh day, a person’s sense of self-worth- or lack thereof- is not to be derived from what they do. On the seventh day it is all about reconnecting with the rhythms and plans and purposes of the Bridegroom-King.

Every human being – every son of Adam – is called to come back to the Garden in his heart, mind and spirit on the Seventh Day.

The invitation has been written in the Creator’s Person Hand. It has been delivered by His Own Voice, and carried by angels and all the great prophets He has appointed among men. The table has been prepared. The Wine has been poured. The Way has been paved. All who are thirsty, come!

Or are you too busy? Do you think your work – i.e. the frenzied activities of labor, entertainment or religion you have planned – just too important to put on hold for 24 hours?


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