EEEEEclipse – EEEElul

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Any ideas?

Well, most of the world knows that the biggest solar eclipse will be happening throughout the mid-section of the United States next Monday. It will be a sight to behold – and will be a very rare occurrence. There are all types of discussions on the meaning of the symbolism and a myriad of dire warnings running rampant on the internet. Many are expecting something HUGE to happen. Who knows…scripture just tells us to be ready in season and out. So hopefully  you’re ready for something big – or simply a great light show. Either way, it will be interesting.

What intrigues me more is that it is also the first day Elul. If you are not familiar with that term – Elul – let me shed a bit of light on it. I’ve been observing the month of Elul for many, many years – and each time – it is a new experience – each time it is a time of reckoning. Let me explain.

The month of Elul has many doors to open – one of them being the door of the inner heart. The Hebrew letters that make up the word “Elul,” aleph, lamed, vav and lamed, are an acronym for the phrase (from the biblical Song of Songs) ani l’dodi v’dodi li, which means “I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me.” Dwell on that for a few minutes and allow it to sink into the deepest part of your heart.

I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me.

Have you ever heard of a more beautiful and romantic phrase that not only reflects our relationship as it should be with our Creator, but follows the path of our relationships here on this plane? If you take those words into your heart and dwell on them, it is almost as if one is being drawn into the heart of the Father.

There are many explanations concerning the month of Elul and its symbolic meanings in Judaism but the one that heads the list is the belief that this is the month when the “King is in the field” and accessible to all of us. Usually, it is thought, that the King is in the Kingdom and on the throne. However, this month He walks in the field with his subjects….this is the time to approach the King and speak freely.

But there is another message, one not usually talked about and it is about the belief that in the beginning of the month of Elul we are achor el achor, meaning “back to back.” However,  by the end of Elul we are panim el panim, “face to face.” What does that mean? How can we be back to back when the King is supposed to be in the field? If our back is turned, we would believe that His back is turned to us too, wouldn’t we? Assumptions, insinuations,  misinformation. Backs turned.

Let’s explore that a bit, shall we? Back to back. Think about that. Why would one be ‘back to back’? It usually happens when we are angry, hold offenses, if we’re hurt or feel rejected. But whatever the cause, we turn our back on the person (or God). Unfortunately, when our backs are turned, we have no idea what the other person is doing, but it’s much like the ‘delete’ or ‘unfriend’ button on social media – it’s easy when we can’t see the other person face.

But this is how many of our relationships end up – broken – because one or the other turns their back. We WANT to turn around, but we just can’t – we are straining to hear those words, “I’m sorry.” But our backs are turned and we have difficulty hearing.

This month, the month called Elul, is set in place to teach us that we must be willing to turn around. Why? Because “THE KING IS IN THE FIELD”!! The Creator of the universe is waiting – waiting in the field – waiting for us to turn around. The King of the Universe never turns his back on us. All we need to do …. is simply turn around!  The rabbis say that the ‘back to back’ at the beginning of the month is only based on our misperceptions, our fears, and yes, our assumptions! When we turn around – we come ‘face to face’ with our King. And to our surprise and relief, He is there waiting for us…patiently, lovingly, and with arms outstretched.


So what does all this mean, and what are we to do with the implications? Well, I would encourage you to meditate on this and to ask yourself  – are there any relationships in your life that need a face-to-face encounter? Have you made assumptions , gathered misconceptions, or find yourself standing back to back with someone? This is the month…this is the month. Begin this week by thinking on those that you are standing with your back to and pray each day for that person(s). Seek the FACE of YHWH, your Creator and King. Meet Him in the field, face to face and  turn around.

Signs….are you watching?

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There are signs in the heavens happening all around us – but it seems like this month and next there are some extra special ones happening in the day and night skies! Have you heard the buzz? Are you getting prepared? Got your party planned and your eclipse glasses ready? NO? Well, rest assured, there are probably more in your boat than you think. I’m one of them.

That doesn’t mean I’m not watching – oh I am! Excitement abounds – anticipation oozes! But I’ll stay int he safe abode of my living room and watch the tv and see what happens in full color – and in complete safety! The eclipse that is fast approaching is definitely one to ‘look’ into … both figuratively and other realmly. So many strange things are being said about the coming happenings – the meteorite shower tonight and tomorrow….the solar eclipse in 10 days, end of world etc etc etc…. What is truth and what is, well, hype? Who knows anymore – everything is quoted by experts and touted as bonafide truth!

So, let’s step back a minute and take a deep breath. Yes, there are some fascinating bullet points to what is coming up, but let’s not uhhhh…lose our heads shall we? If anything, this is a time where we can all come together (WHAT? – yes it could be one of those times!) and pray that His Will be accomplished! No matter what is coming down the road (or from the skies) if our faith and trust is in Him, than – yeah – we’ll be fine.  So, LOOK UP.…your redemption draweth near!

You said WHAT?

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Ezer Kenegdo … yep – that’s what I said! And you respond – WHAT? I did too. It’s been a couple years and a few watershed moments -but it’s finally sinking in.

Want to know more? There are a few spots left at the Ezer Kenegdo meetings with Skip Moen in the Kansas City, MO area. Check it out!

Facial Cleanser

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• 1 tablespoon rose petals
• 1 tablespoon yarrow leaves and flowers
• 1 tablespoon calendula
• 2 tablespoons oatmeal
• Almond meal, cosmetic clay powder, milk powder, or other botanicals (optional)


1. Rose petals will often resist breaking down, so begin by putting them into a food processor, or if you’re like me you have a coffee grinder (or two) just for herbs and resins. Pulse to break down.

2. Add the remaining ingredients and process until they are a fairly uniform consistency about the size of grains of sand. Transfer the mixture to an airtight container.

3. To use, put about a tablespoon of the mixture in a small dish, and add enough of your wetting agent to form a spreadable paste. Wash your face using your normal cleansing method, and then spread on the facial, rubbing it around to exfoliate a little bit. Leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing and patting dry.

excerpt: Mother  Earth News

Tish B’Av

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Today is Tish B’Av…a day of self-examination, of self-inspection… a day of lamenting the past and looking with hope for tomorrow … a day to bring the essence of what this day means into our hearts and lift the fog that has covered the ‘idols’ that we cling to like simple minded children….or dare I say idolatrous Israel? WHEN will we learn – WHEN will we ‘see’ and ‘hear’ – WHEN oh WHEN will we actually LISTEN to HIS voice – instead of mixing it with our own desires and wants and calling it ‘of Him’?

We have, each in our own way, destroyed the temples that have gone before us – and many of the temples of today that hold His Holy Name we have desecrated and destroyed with the words of our tongues and the work of our hands. Our own temples have we defiled by the beast that lurks within. We have kicked down and destroyed the temples of others because of that beast that lies within. Our words have set on fire the hearts around us, twisting and entangling and snaring the innocent. If not us – WHO? It is simply time to stand up and own it. Are we man/woman enough to do that? Are we sold out to Him or do we worry about today? Do we cast all our cares on Him or do we lash out at those not living to the standards we have set in our own minds?

Yes….. WE have failed and that is why everyone sets his tongue to complain – about this – about that – blaming others and pointing fingers. It must STOP if we are ever to be called by His Name. Our hearts must change, our attitudes must change – WE must change!!

Please…please beloved of the Most High – it is time …. to cast down those high places that we have held about ourselves, our ministries and our purpose!!! It is time to put on sack cloth and ashes and ask .. no beg – Him to forgive the wicked words of our mouths, the attitudes of our stoney hearts and the self-indulgence of our hands. It is time to trust in HIS promises alone (and not rely on men), to set our eyes above and not below, to walk that out instead of just speaking the words. Will you join me? Together we can be a mighty army for HIM.

So as we read the book of Lamentations today…. let us lament over the past … and look with hope towards tomorrow!

What Time Is It?

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Following up on the ‘time’ post yesterday – it also occurred to me that time is of the essence!  No one is guaranteed more time, no matter how much we chase after it. Each and every one of us have only been given so much, and no more. At some point, our time will run out in this physical realm.

The ‘time’ that we are in right now, today, is of the essence. For myself, I am in the time right before the fast of the ninth of Av. The ninth of Av, also known as Tisha b’Av is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar. It is a time of fasting, depriving ourselves of comfory and of prayer. It marks the culmination of the Three Weeks, and marks the time period of the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. No, I’m not ‘Jewish’ by birth – but yes, I am grafted into the House of Israel as Romans proclaims:

Romans 11:17-24

But if some of the branches were broken off, and you, although a wild olive shoot, were grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing root of the olive tree, 18 do not be arrogant toward the branches. If you are, remember it is not you who support the root, but the root that supports you. 19 Then you will say, “Branches were broken off so that I might be grafted in.” 20 That is true. They were broken off because of their unbelief, but you stand fast through faith. So do not become proud, but fear. 21 For if God did not spare the natural branches, neither will he spare you. 22 Note then the kindness and the severity of God: severity toward those who have fallen, but God’s kindness to you, provided you continue in his kindness. Otherwise you too will be cut off. 23 And even they, if they do not continue in their unbelief, will be grafted in, for God has the power to graft them in again. 24 For if you were cut from what is by nature a wild olive tree, and grafted, contrary to nature, into a cultivated olive tree, how much more will these, the natural branches, be grafted back into their own olive tree. (ESV emphasis added)

This verse and many others have led me to love the land of the Most High, Israel. It has given me a love and respect for my brothers and sisters who not only reside in Israel today, but have clung to His Word throughout the centuries. “I” am part of Israel! Therefore, I celebrate the Feasts with Joy, I mourn on Yom Kippur, and I fast with her in remembrance for the destruction of the Holy Temple where the presence of the Almighty once dwelt.

So time is of the essence. Tonight I will re-evaluate my own ‘temple’, come to grips with areas in my life that the Father will reveal, and pray for His mercy to extend to all Israel and to the nations as the days ahead loom in expectancy.

So many sights and sounds happening in the next few months! So I encourage you to take the time, invest in the time, and realize that time is always running out. May the Holy One of Israel bless the time you spend with Him in prayer, with the work of your hands and in all that you do for Him.

It’s TIME!

In The Garden

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Today in my garden I took advantage of the slightly less than HUMID weather and decided to bring in a harvest of sage, basil (Thai and Sweet), marshmallow leaves/flowers and lemongrass. As I type, they are safely taking a nice wet bath in the tub to shake loose any little critters that might be clinging to their stems. After that, I’ll shake off the water, hang the marshmallow by bundles and  place in a dark, well ventilated area, and the rest will go into the dehydrator. After everything is totally dry, a volume of each will be ground up finely and made into a healing herbal mix. The rest will be separated and then incorporated into various tinctures, tonics and salves. Below are some of the great medicinal uses of my bounty.

Marshmallow (Flowers, Leaves and Roots)

  • Stomach Ache, constipation, or diarrhea
  • Skin problems or acne
  • Colds, sore throat, coughs, bronchitis,
  • Fever
  • Kidney stones, pain, or urinary tract infection
  • Gout or diabetes
  • Arthritis or inflammation

Basil (Tha and Sweet)

Did you know that Basil is a member of the MINT family? Cool!

  • Pesto & General cooking
  • Calming the Stomach
  • Coughing and Colds
  • Facial Steam for headache
  • Antibiotic properties – Mountain Rose Herbs: Mountain Rose Herbs: “European scientists are investigating the use of basil oil as treatment for antibiotic resistant infections with Staphylococcus, Enterococcus, and Pseudomonas.”
  • Stings and Bites
  • Ear Infestions
  • Blood Sugar
  • Stress Reduction

Sage (several different varieties)

  • Improve brain function,
  • lower inflammation throughout the body,
  • prevent chronic diseases,
  • boost the strength of the immune system,
  • regulate proper digestion,
  • alleviate skin conditions,
  • increase the health and strength of bones,
  • slow the onset of cognitive disorders
  • prevent the onset of diabetes.

Lemongrass (this is unbelievable!)

  • Relief from stomach disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Fever, aches, infections, rheumatism and edema.
  • The defensive antioxidant activity of the lemongrass herb may protect against antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and helps in maintaining optimum cholesterol levels, cellular health, nervous system, healthy skin and immune system.
  • It is also effective in treating type 2 diabetes, cancer, and obesity, while also aiding in detoxification. It is extensively used in aromatherapy and helps to combat fatigue, anxiety and body odor.

What’s in your garden?



****Now, remember – none of the above is probably endorsed by the FDA of course. These are simply holistic benefits that I and many that support herbal use have found to benefit ourselves and our families. Please due your due diligence and check everything out and don’t forget to consult with your health physician if you have any concerns about adding herbs to your health regimen, especially if you are on any type of medication, or are pregnant.****



All Natural Laundry Soap

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Rosemary Powdered Laundry Soap Recipe

• 1 cup washing soda
• 1 cup borax*
• 2 cups grated castile bar soap
• 50 drops rosemary essential oil

1. Mix washing soda, borax and soap grounds (see note) in large bowl.

2. Add rosemary essential oil and mix well.

3. Store in a large airtight container.

To use, add 1⁄8 to 1⁄4 cup per load.

Note: Grate bar soap or cut coarsely, then grind in food processor until fine.

*Borax washes completely out of clothes and is safe to use on laundry. However, borax can be irritating when inhaled and may be a potential endocrine disruptor, particularly in males, so keep male children away from it. If this is a particular concern to you, simply replace the borax with a second cup of washing soda or a cup of baking soda.

Lemon-Fresh Liquid Laundry Soap Recipe

• 1 bar castile soap, grated
• 8 cups water
• 5-gallon bucket with lid
• 4-1⁄2 gallons hot tap water
• 1 cup washing soda
• 1 cup borax*
• 2 to 3 teaspoons lemon essential oil

1. In a saucepan over low heat, mix soap (see note) and 8 cups of water, gradually heating and stirring until soap is dissolved.

2. Fill 5-gallon bucket about 3/4 full of hot tap water.

3. Add soap mixture, washing soda and borax.

4. Add lemon essential oil and mix well. Cover, and leave overnight.

5. Transfer into smaller containers if desired.

To use, add 1/2 cup to 1 cup per load.

Note: Grate bar soap or cut coarsely, then grind in food processor until fine.

*Borax washes completely out of clothes and is safe to use on laundry. However, borax can be irritating when inhaled and may be a potential endocrine disruptor, particularly in males, so keep male children away from it. If this is a particular concern to you, simply replace the borax with a second cup of washing soda or a cup of baking soda.




**More recipes at Mother Earth Living!

A Woman They Call Eve

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She has come to us down through the centuries as a woman who failed. A woman who failed her mission, her man and her God. A failure. Totally. Not only a failure but a complete failure. And so the picture of who she was in the beginning has become distorted, perverted-nothing anyone would want to emulate. Who wants to be a failure? Not me.

Unfortunately, from the very first one designed down to every one created since, has carried that tattered mantle of ‘not enough’ – unbeknownst to them. Bottom line, God made a mistake.


No He did not! The Holy One of Creation did NOT make a mistake – not at all. Are we so sure that He was totally taken by surprise at what transpired at that encounter with the fruit that looked pleasant to her eye? Was He so taken with the rest of creation that He messed up with ‘Eve’? I don’t think so. My God is bigger than that. And yours should be too.

So, let’s go back to the beginning (surprise!) and take a look at just a few things. Then, study it out and see what you think about the subject. Leave a comment and let’s talk.

First, everyone has heard of ‘first occurrence’ ~ right? It’s when you find a word in scripture that you want to dig a little deeper into the meaning, so you find the very first time it is used in scripture. Well, that’s what we’re going to do. And, of course, we’re going to look at that first occurrence in the original language – which in this case – is Hebrew.

Understanding the depth of the words in scripture, exploring the nuances of the grammar in its original language changes lives and offers a long cool drink for that thirst we all have for a clear understanding of what was originally meant. Basically, it’s just the ‘original design’. Have you ever wondered what Yahweh’s intent was for the original design of man and woman? Or have we settled for the traditions and doctrines of centuries of cultural explanation? Our lives are so filled with the status-quo that most of us don’t dig very deep anymore – we’re just too busy. But this one is important. If you understand the original design from His perspective, well, it will change your perspective about a whole lot of other things!

So the first time the Creator of the Universe speaks forth the name of this wonderful design, the ultimate in creation, He uses the term ‘suitable helpmeet’ … uhhh….no…that’s our measly and poor interpretation for the amazing term Yahweh uses which is ezer kenegdo! Ok, yeah, I know – you probably have no clue – well, I didn’t either. But this wonderful Hebrew word encompasses a world (a WORLD) of descriptions that will surprise, amaze and tickle your funny bone. it will help women know the ‘why’ of why they do things, and for men it will give them a greater capacity to understand the relationships between man, woman and children. Knowing the nuances of this word, as well as the Hebrew term that the Creator uses for ‘man’ will open an understanding to relationships that will heal, help and mature each and every one of us. Now…with all that being said – don’t you want to know more?

Pull out your Strong’s, your dictionary and anything else you might have, and let’s get started!

Time Takes a Toll

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Time Takes a Toll

Yes, time does take a toll on a body. The clock can tick away mercilessly, wreaking havoc on all who stand in its realm. That’s you…and I. Time touches everyone and everything until it touches you no longer…and then you wait.

But it is what you do with that ‘time‘ that makes all the difference in the world. The time you spend can be well spent or simply spent. It is all up to you. If you are like some of us our time here is slowly ebbing away and the clock is reaching midnight. It does cause one to take a deep breath and look both ways.

Realizing that we have more of a past than we have a future can be quite an eye-opener and cause for slowing down, quitting, or speeding things up! No matter where you find yourself held in the hands of time, it is always time to forge ahead, trusting in Him that your mission is right on target.

So, while the past is just that – and the future is still before us – it is in the here and  now that we are to make a difference. Join with me as we look clearly into the mirror of life and self-evaluate our goals. Are we making a difference? Are we still going forward or has that proverbial holding pattern settled in? There is always someone out there that needs your help, your advise, your caring smile. Don’t give up – you never know what’s just around the corner!

geralt / Pixabay