May the Daughters Arise!

Posted by on Apr 2, 2019 | 2 comments

The Father has always used His daughters and He will continue to. If you are a woman and other women and men in leadership are telling you that you can’t speak or use the gifts He has given you, they are false Shepherds and are only doing harm to the Body. If they are telling you that only men have an inheritance with Adonai, review these passages. Furthermore, how could Phillip’s daughters prophesy with their mouths shut? “9Now this man had four virgin daughters who were prophetesses” ( Acts 21:9, NASB). Job is left with 7 sons and 3 daughters. The sons aren’t even named but his daughters...

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“But the Preacher is a Lady”

Posted by on Feb 10, 2018 | 0 comments

Have you ever wondered at the scriptures that tell the entire half of a body of believers to shut up? Are you kidding me? Well…as an advocate for the voice of women, as a warrior princess myself, as one who believes that half of the body should not be shut out from leadership, when an article like this comes along, I like to share it. Please take the time to read in its entirety as it is an insightful and very well done article by John Diffenderfer of JOHNDIFF Blog. Don’t forget to check out and bookmark his blog as it has lots of great articles! This one is exceptional:...

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A good friend has a blog that I think …. no …. I know you will enjoy – check it out!   Please follow and like...

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You said WHAT?

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Ezer Kenegdo … yep – that’s what I said! And you respond – WHAT? I did too. It’s been a couple years and a few watershed moments -but it’s finally sinking in. Want to know more? There are a few spots left at the Ezer Kenegdo meetings with Skip Moen in the Kansas City, MO area. Check it out! Please follow and like...

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A Woman They Call Eve

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She has come to us down through the centuries as a woman who failed. A woman who failed her mission, her man and her God. A failure. Totally. Not only a failure but a complete failure. And so the picture of who she was in the beginning has become distorted, perverted-nothing anyone would want to emulate. Who wants to be a failure? Not me. Unfortunately, from the very first one designed down to every one created since, has carried that tattered mantle of ‘not enough’ – unbeknownst to them. Bottom line, God made a mistake. WHAT? No He did not! The Holy One of Creation did NOT...

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Esther…and Concealment

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We all know the story – have read it a hundred times – is there anything new in there? Let’s see if we can look back in time and dig a little deeper shall we? Setting aside all the nuances of Esther and Haman and Mordechai and the King, let’s look at a layer that is right there before us, but glanced over for what we deem to be mystical and spiritual. Now I have everyone’s attention – yes? What don’t we know about this Queen? Well, first of all – this short excerpt will barely scratch the surface but we will scratch anyway. It will then be up...

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