Yom Kippur… At-One-Ment

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Yes…today is the day of being AT ONE with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords… this is the day when heaven meets earth…the spark touches the source and your essence is one with the Flame. Are you asking why? Simply put, it is because the Holy One Himself told us to….no other reason than that. But I’m not a Jew! I’m not religious like that! Seriously, lady you don’t know what you’re talking about! Neither am I, nor am I religious and it’s not me talking….it’s the Great I AM. Leviticus 16:29 mandates establishment of this holy...

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Days of Awe – Day 10

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It is that time. It is the 10th day of the Seventh Month of the Biblical Calendar. It is our APPOINTED TIME. This is THAT DAY. This is the day time and eternity, darkness and light, hope and despair, good and evil, life and death, all take their turns wrestling with each other over our souls. Today we taste of death. Today we are called upon to appear before, give an account to, and receive a decree from our Creator. We are poured out like water, and all our bones are out of joint; Our hearts are like wax; they have melted within us. Our strength is dried up like a potsherd, and our tongues...

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Days of Awe – Day 9

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One more day. Just one. That is all we have left Dear Friends. Just a matter of hours, with a few odd bundles of minutes and seconds thrown in. These are all that stands between us and the time appointed for us to walk with our Creator through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. A measured number of heartbeats. A limited number of opportunities for showing kindness. A closing window of chances to attempt to reconcile shattered relationships. Only the most poignant prayers of t’shuvah remain available to us. And then we will be called forward, one by one, to review the meaning and...

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Days of Awe – Day 8

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It is now Day 8 of the Days of Great Awe. This is the appointed time for our Awestruck Hearts to reconnect with the 8th of our Creator’s Prophetic Empowerments from Sinai. This one simply reads: לֹא תִּגְנֹֽב Transliteration: lo tignov rough translation: you will not take for your own use and enjoyment any tangible or intangible thing not meant for or which has not been entrusted to you The Hebrew phrase ‘Lo Tignov’ is traditionally translated into English James as ‘Thou shalt not steal’. English translations of the Bible limit the application and meaning of this empowerment to a...

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Days of Awe – Day 7

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The sands of time are rushing through the great hourglass. The Seventh of the Ten Days of Awe is already upon us. The day of our annual appointed death-to-self consecration ceremony – Yom Kippur – is rapidly approaching. Our focus on this seventh Day of Awe is the Seventh of the Prophetic Empowerment spoken over us by our Bridegroom-King at Sinai. That empowerment is short and sweet: לֹא תִּנְאָֽף transliteration: Lo tinaf rough translation: You will not adulterate yourself This empowerment is commonly translated from the Hebrew to English as ‘You will not commit...

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10 Days of Awe – Day 6

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The Days of Awe have reached their midpoint. There are only five of them left. Five evenings. Five mornings. Five days. This sixth Day of Awe is dedicated to reconnecting the Awestruck Heart with the sixth Prophetic Empowerment of our Bridegroom King. This empowerment is usually translated from the Hebrew to English as ‘You will not kill’ or ‘You will not commit murder’. But the prophetic empowerment was not given in English. It was given in Hebrew, and the Hebrew verb used by the Holy One is so much deeper than the English verbs ‘kill’ or...

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