Esther and me…

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Esther and me (excuse me, Esther and I). Could there be a similar storyline in our lives? Not sure…but something tells me we have a lot in common. Esther’s beloved land of Israel is not where she found herself ‘for such a time as this’. The land of Persia was a fur piece from her brethern which hailed from Jersualem!  She found herself without her family, under the care of another and in the midst of a precarious situation! I, too, find myself a fur piece from my original homeland, removed from my loved ones and also in precarious situations.  Well, maybe not quite as...

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Times and seasons….

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The times and the seasons, yes they do change, right on schedule. Well, maybe not our schedule, but there is a schedule. After the cold winter months where the air is frigid and silence abounds and all seems a wasteland of emptiness, a tiny blade of grass sprouts forth, or a daffodil dares to rise above the barren soil. Our attention is immediately focused on the tiny brave soul emerging from the frozen tundra and we are transfixed with wonder. The soul within us begins to be renewed with the hope of ‘spring eternal’. Our journey though life is much like the seasons of the year...

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Life is a journey….

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Yes, that’s what I always tell people when they ask me ‘how do I do this’ or ‘how do I do that’ when referring to first coming into an understanding of the biblical roots of their faith (or anything else). “It’s a journey…..take time to B.R.E.A.T.H.E.” And it’s a phrase that I I believe in. But I have realized that everything is a journey – absolutely everything. Every step we take, every breath we draw – it is all about the journey. We are here for a purpose, even when that purpose continuously eludes us. Today is one...

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Joy cometh in the morning

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The Season of our Joy …. is upon us! Now…where did I put that flask of ‘joy’? Come out, come out wherever you are!!!!!! Ahhhhh…..there you are….hiding underneath the baggage of bitterness, frustration, and self-pity. Bringing out that tiny little flask I wonder….how could such a minute little bag of joy fill this empty old tired body….seems impossible for sure. So, gingerly pulling apart the frayed strings of that little flask – OUT POURS JOY!!!! And she reminds me, quite pointedly, how much I have to be thankful for….good health...

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Transition to Joy

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TRANSITION TO JOY The experience of reflection and introspection yesterday on the holiest day of the year, Yom Kippurim (Day of AT ONE MENT), was an over the top time with our King. For me, personally, it was a simple yet profound period of time simply by myself. Pondering on the events of the day, the awe that was felt throughout the time period was as if time truly stood still – just as the sages claim. In the evening of Yom Kippur and after finishing the traditional readings of “Al Chet” or the confession of sins, I pondered and looked for insight and understanding to...

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Yom Kippur… At-One-Ment

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Yes…today is the day of being AT ONE with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords… this is the day when heaven meets earth…the spark touches the source and your essence is one with the Flame. Are you asking why? Simply put, it is because the Holy One Himself told us to….no other reason than that. But I’m not a Jew! I’m not religious like that! Seriously, lady you don’t know what you’re talking about! Neither am I, nor am I religious and it’s not me talking….it’s the Great I AM. Leviticus 16:29 mandates establishment of this holy...

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