Elul – Day 39

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remember, this is from Orthodoxy….allow the Ruach haKodesh to sift through the words, and speak to your heart… Tishrei 9, Erev Yom Kippur TO BE LIKE ANGELS Tonight we will begin a 25-hour fast of Yom Kippur.  We don’t do this in order to afflict ourselves, which is the purpose of the fast of Tisha B’Av when we mourn the destruction of the Temple—indeed Yom Kippur is not a day of mourning but a day of joy. We fast on Yom Kippur because on this day we want to transcend our physical limitations and be like angels, and food and other physical concerns distract us from our...

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Elul – Day 32

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Tishrei 2, Second Day of Rosh Hashana   THE DAY OF CORONATION   The idea of Rosh Hashana as the day when we “coronate” G-d as the King of the Universe, may be one of the strangest and hardest to accept for those of us raised in modern, democratic societies. To us kings are corrupt despots at worst, and characters out of fairy tales at best. Yet this idea is essential to the observance of Rosh Hashana, because in the language of Judaism a king is a metaphor for absolute authority. On Rosh Hashana we accept upon ourselves G-d as the one and only absolute authority who rules over...

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Elul – Day 37

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Tishrei 7 THE CYCLE OF FORGIVENESS Yom Kippur, which is only three days away, is called the “Day of Forgiveness” because this is the day when Moses, after pleading with G-d for 80 days to forgive the Israelites for the Sin of the Golden Calf, finally succeeded.  On this day, G-d finally said to him: “I will forgive as you have asked.” On Yom Kippur we seek to connect to the energy of this awesome day and win forgiveness for ourselves as well.  But we can hardly expect to be forgiven by G-d if we ourselves have not been willing to forgive others. Forgiveness is not...

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Elul – Day 36

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APPROACHING THE SOURCE We have now reached the midpoint of the Ten Days of Teshuvah. This is the period, say the sages of the Talmud, of which the Prophet Isaiah (55:6) speaks when he proclaims: “Seek G-d when He is to be found; call on Him when He is near.” This might seem like an odd statement because we are taught that G-d is omnipresent at all times and all places in the world. How could we say that now He is closer to us? But Isaiah is not speaking from G-d’s perspective but from the soul’s perspective. Chassidic teachings explain that this special time of the...

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Elul – Day 34

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RETURNING TO PURE ESSENCE In our earlier exploration of the meaning of teshuvah (see Elul 18), we defined teshuvah as having two levels—repentance and return: Repentance means regretting a wrongful action, resolving not to repeat it, asking forgiveness, making amends. Return means coming back to one’s soul, one’s Divine essence, to one’s source in G-d. The first level—which is what we should have been working on during the month of Elul—is only the means to achieve the second, which is our focus now, during the Ten Days of Teshuvah. During these special days, we should be...

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Sierra Grace and “LIFE”

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My beautiful, sweet, loving and graceful grand daughter, Sierra Grace, has reached a milestone today! She has entered a new era in her young life and turns the page from 17 years to >> 18 << years. That number is very signifcant. In Hebrew the number 18 represents LIFE. As we dug into those numbers we found more ~ 9×2 = 18 – 9 is the number of the gifts of the Spirit and 2 is the number of a witness, so we can all witness today that she has definitely learned the gifts of the Spirit! Going further you have 3x3x3 which the # 3 biblically represents divine wholeness,...

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