Purpose …. where did you go?

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Purpose …. where did you go?

Seems like that’s the clarion call in the wind…or maybe it’s just the wind in my own backyard. No, it truly is in the wind.  From California to New York those seven little letters are running rampant through the streets and sneaking into unlatched back doors. Doesn’t matter if you’re ten or ten times ten … it can wreak havoc on the most unsuspecting soul! During the day one can usually quite the siren call, calm the frenzied senses, and convince one’s humble self that ‘I’m ok’… after all, you have chores to do, kids to feed,...

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Running into stumbling blocks?

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Running into stumbling  blocks?

It seems that those always come in three‘s don’t they? Wonder why that is. Maybe we just start ‘noticing’ those stumbling blocks when one, then two hit you. Then by number three you’re like WHAT? What’s going on?? After three maybe one just starts over because one can only handle a few things at a time. So it seems that we are again hitting some stumbling blocks…or maybe I should just call them brick walls? Not sure. Sunday night my little sister spent the night with me sitting in an ER room for my husband. This has been the third time we’ve...

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Father’s Day 2018

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Father’s Day …. this one comes with bittersweet emotions, filled with sunshine and tears. The warmness of the early rays of the faithful sun peeking through a few feathery soft clouds on my cheek stir up memories of happy days with my own father in long-past days of childhood. And then just as immediately a sneaky teardrop escapes the unending well of more to come as thoughts rest on my youngest son not being here to celebrate his own special day with his two young girls. If I don’t check it quickly, the damn will break as my imagination overwhelms me ‘seeing’...

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Missouri Summers

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Well, if you are from Missouri, there’s no need to explain. If you’re not …. oh my! Yesterday it was beautiful, about 75deg with no humidity….today it is almost 90 and sweltering. It’s an oven. Somehow, Spring missed this state and we now are in full fledged summer heat. In autumn, they call it Indian Summer…. Even the dog won’t stay out more than 10 minutes! But, all that being said, it’s good to be alive – no matter where I’m at! Everyone I think should be at that place ~ glad to be alive no matter what the circumstances....

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Yes…it is spring again. A renewal of life. It is just around the corner…. Well, if you feel like that proverbial corner is about a mile away – you’re not alone. Here in the middle of the country, the days are still topsy-turvey. One day 70, the next 30…..COME ON! I know they say it’s Missouri….but really??? I seriously need to see the SUN. Seriously. It seems as if the proverbial darkness outside is creeping underneath the door frames and silently swallowing up the light within. Yes, it has been a long winter….one that just doesn’t want...

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Three weeks and counting

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Yes….this is a personal post again. It is therapy for me. It has been three weeks yesterday that the Lincoln county sheriff knocked on our door. It has been three weeks yesterday since our world fell apart. It has been three weeks yesterday since our baby boy (even if he WAS 41), Jason Scott Staley, left this world for another. Three weeks. A lifetime. An eternity. Jason was my baby …. he came into this world smiling. He was a sweet, compassionate, loving and easy-going child and carried that on through adulthood. His blonde hair and blue eyes captivated everyone that met him and...

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