Judge vs. Judge Not – Which Is It?

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Many times in today’s circles of ‘religiosity’ – no matter what flavor it happens to be – we always tend to wind up on the biblical paradox subject of “judge” vs “judge not”. Which side of the fence do you usually stand on….righteously of course. It seems as if there is a contradiction in the Bible doesn’t there? Whenever there seems to be an apparent contradiction in the scriptures, it’s wisdom to at least take another look don’t you think? Either we are not reading it in context or we are imputing a modern...

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Fully Awake

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Interesting phrase don’t you think? Fully Awake. ….. Fully Awake. Are you fully awake? And if so, what does that mean? Fully awake. Consider that for a moment … close your eyes and envision yourself FULLY AWAKE! Do you live life to the fullest? Are you listening with every fiber of your being? Are you seeing with the full color spectrum of the rainbow? If not, why not? And if not, how do we do that? First, what road are you on and how did you get there? The road that all of us are to patiently and determinedly to be on, to stay on, is the road of reconciliation. The One we...

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Sabbath Thoughts

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Sabbath is drawing in…why do I care? Let me share a few thoughts with you this morning as I contemplate why I do what I do. What is Sabbath and why do I care? Yes, you’re correct – I’m not Jewish. My early years were consumed with learning and living the Catholic beliefs. There was catechism, morning mass, midnight mass, priests, nuns, religious schools, uniforms, etc…etc. Coming in and going out was wrapped around being ‘Catholic’. In fact, my entire large family and relatives were immersed into this religious furor. Everything revolved around...

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