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Identifying damaging patterns and personal bias is an essential step on a journey to freedom from our personal bondage.

In one way or another, we’re all enslaved—by our psychological demons, or by social standards, by our parents’ words and attitudes, or by our responsibilities, by the consequences of the mistakes we’ve made, or by our careers, employers, or employees.

Learning how to be free is what is called in the Torah “leaving Egypt.”

The Hebrew word for Egypt is Mitzrayim, which literally means “narrow” and which represents all forms of enslavement, be it dependency, conformity, subjectivity—whatever it may be in your life that sets up obstacles, limits, or constraints.

chainsTo be free, you must leave your personal Mitzrayim. But freedom is not enough. You can be free for a while and then be enslaved again. This is why forty days after the Israelites left Egypt and tasted freedom for the first time, they received a guidebook—the Torah—on how to maintain freedom.

Look at your own life. There were undoubtedly many times you felt free, you felt inspired, you felt you could do anything, but then old patterns and biases took over. You couldn’t maintain that inspiration. The resolve to change was there for a moment, but you couldn’t sustain it.

This is where you need the guidance of the Divine Torah blueprint. It tells you how to access your soul, how to achieve freedom in every part of your life, from the moment you wake to the moment you go to sleep, and even while you’re asleep.

Ask Yourself:
To what extent have you used the guidance of the Torah to access your soul?  To what extent are you familiar with what the Torah teaches in this regard?

Exercise for the day:
Identify one area in your life where you badly need the objective guidance of Torah because you have not been able to make meaningful progress on your own.


From The Meaningful Life.

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