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Elul Day 4

Hope you are enjoying your time walking through the month of Elul. Here we are, five days in! Did you know that in Hebrew – what they call the Gematria (method of interpreting the Hebrew scriptures by computing the numerical value of words) that the number 5 symbolizes Grace? Isn’t that interesting…grace. How much grace do you have in your life? How much grace do you extend in your life? Interesting question isn’t it?

Think about that for a moment. 

Let’s look a bit more at ‘grace‘ … or in Hebrew the word is chen, which derives from a shoresh (root) meaning “favor, mercy, kindness, graciousness.”   God reveals Himself as gracious, longsuffering, abounding in chesed and emet (mercy and truth), all throughout scripture. Wow! Grace can mean SO MUCH MORE!Grace & Mercy

In the 69 occurrences in the scriptures it is translated either ‘favor’ or ‘grace’ …

The Hebrew word chen is  from a root word chanan – to bend or stoop in kindness to another as a superior to an inferior (Strongs 2603). In Greek it is charis and has the idea of graciousness in manner or action (Strongs 5485) and comes from the root word chairo to be cheerful, happy (Strongs 5463)

Go back and read that again – the root word chanan means to bend or stoop in kindness from a superior to an inferior! When used in reference to God – it means that He is stooping down in kindness to His people! His unmerited favor, His mercy is an expression of His compassion towards us!

As we travel through this time of Elul…let us remember that our King is in the field. He has stooped down from His Throne and has extended a personal invitation to each of u


s to walk with Him hand in hand through the beauty of a fall landscape. Let us readily accept that invitation and share our hearts and souls with the One who knows our deepest thoughts.

Ask yourself this question:
Have you ever evaluated that part of your belief system concerning ‘grace’ … did you think it only applied to you? Or do you also try to offer that same grace to everyone around you?

Exercise for the day:
Extend favor, grace to at least one person today. No matter what situation or circumstance presents itself, choose to offer the same grace you  have been given by the Messiah Himself to that one person.

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