Elul – Day 30

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THE KING IS ON THE THRONE! The King of Kings has approached his throne and is about to take his seat.  The time of Elul, of preparation, has come to an end. We no longer can run out to the field and walk casually to and fro among the daises and wildflowers with our Father. We must now approach the throne room and be admitted in, bowing and bending as we go. Will we have the scepter raised as it was raised for Esther? Are we ready to don the white garments of a bride? The ledgers lay on the table close to the throne…it is almost time for the King to open them and compare our past...

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Elul – Day 24

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DO YOU PRAY FOR FORGIVENESS? It is during this season, the season where the King is in the field, that we examine our hearts, our lives, our motives, our agendas and return back to the ways of our King, our Messiah. During this time, the traditional prayers are ones that all ask our Creator, our Father, to forgive us. The three prayers that are customary are called selach lanu, mechal lanu and kapper lanu. The words may seem a bit different, but they all mean the same thing, howbeit with different implications. Not only do they implore us to seek forgiveness from God – we need to seek...

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Elul – Day 23

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WHOSE SHOULDERS DO YOU STAND ON? This is the final week of the month of Elul, the Hebrew month before the Fall Feast Days of the LORD begin… Can you feel the change of the weather? Can you sense the excitement in the air? I know I can! During this final week it is customary to begin reading the Selichot prayers. These are penitential prayers and poems that lead us further into examining our hearts and seeking forgiveness from those we have wronged, and seeking reconciliation from those who have wronged us. Whether reconciliation and forgiveness follows our attempts is not the only goal...

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Elul – Day 22

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HIS MERCY ENDURES FOREVER Sometimes we have a lot of trouble believing that – especially when one is going through a lot of trials and tribulations that never seem to end. Our faith weakens and falters. But let’s take a look at a few bible characters and see if we can increase that weakened faith. Take a look at the greatest prophet of what we call the “Old Testament” – Moshe – or Moses in English. His greatest test of faith came when he descended Mt. Sinai and was greeted full force with blatant idolatry by the ones he had just led out of Egypt. The sin...

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Elul – Day 19

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THE MEANING OF TESHUVAH What exactly does the word teshuvah mean? Well, we’ve come to understand that it means repentance. But the real understanding is actually the opposite of what we think. What??? you say. Well, repentance, usually implies that we need to turn around, to get on the right path and off the wrong one. However, the Hebrew word teshuvah literally means to return. And one can not return to something that they have never had a relationship with…or an encounter with. Now, that is not to say that we should not repent, that we should not get on the right path and that...

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