Elul – Day 15

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TAKE IT OFF! OK got your attention! Today we must ‘face’ ourselves. How do we do that and what does that exactly mean? Well, think about it – each of us wear different faces, depending on the circumstance or the situation we find ourselves in. It is, for lack of a better word, survival. It is how we get through the day. Sigh. The Hebrew word for face is panim and it comes from the same root as pnim which means ‘interior’.  Interior. The inside – of you and of me. As with any Hebrew word, the Holy One named...

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Elul – Day 14

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HOLINESS – ON YOUR SLEEVE? What exactly is holiness? Have you ever wondered about the meaning of holiness or have you just given it a head not? Let’s delve a bit deeper into what holiness might look like. First of all, if we are made in the image of God, and He is certainly holy, than surely some of that holiness must be somewhere within us! Wouldn’t you agree? Now, I know…..some of you may be saying…well I certainly don’t see any holiness in so and so. That might be true, you might not be able to see any...

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Elul – Day 13

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HOW CAN WE RELATE TO SOMEONE WE CAN’T SEE? Good question – don’t you think? How are we able to actually develop a relationship with a Being that is unknowable…and unseeable? Mmmm….like I said, good question. And yet…I bet everyone reading this actually feels like they KNOW God…or have TOUCHED Him in some way … or flip it – that HE knows YOU and knows you’re every thought – and HAS touched you in some way. Interesting isn’t it? Why do you think that is? Well, one reason...

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Elul – Day 12

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WHAT IS YOUR DESTINATION? So, we’ve been talking about letting go, mentors, being pushed. Why is that? Well, we need to take stock of ourselves-especially during this season. Why this season? Because we are fast approaching a time when Messiah JUST MAY COME – and we want to be ready! We want to present ourselves as a spotless bride don’t we? I know I do. So, this is why we are examining ourselves. However, just being pushed, or nudged or guided by our mentor (if you have found one), just isn’t enough. Our destination...

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Elul – Day 11

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Sometimes you just have to let go! During Elul we have to look in the mirror and face ourselves. Sometimes it requires us to ‘let go’ of various things. It may be old habits, situations – anything that becomes toxic in your life. From the “Song of Songs” we get the name—Ani l’dodi, v’dodi li  – “I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me”.  What can we learn from this poignant phrase? Well, again we see that the initiative begins with the self—”I am.” The self turns...

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