Elul – Day 22

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HIS MERCY ENDURES FOREVER Sometimes we have a lot of trouble believing that – especially when one is going through a lot of trials and tribulations that never seem to end. Our faith weakens and falters. But let’s take a look at a few bible characters and see if we can increase that weakened faith. Take a look at the greatest prophet of what we call the “Old Testament” – Moshe – or Moses in English. His greatest test of faith came when he descended Mt. Sinai and was greeted full force with blatant idolatry...

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Elul – Day 21

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THE SECRET OF A BROKEN HEART   We all make mistakes and break things in our life, but life also breaks us. We’ve all been broken in one way or another. We have all experienced broken promises or broken relationships; we have experienced the loss of a job or the loss of a loved one. Different people react in a different manner to the hurt that inevitably accompanies breakage. Some people are devastated. Others grow because of it. Some people have strength, some don’t. And there is a reason why. A tree that doesn’t fall over...

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Still time to join us!

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In our Journey through the month of Elul and through Sukkot! This is a special journey of insights, introspection, self-examination and retrospection as we walk through the month of Elul and approach the Fall Feasts of YHWH. If you haven’t signed up yet, and would like to, please hurry – no time to waste! You can read the latest post and sign up by clicking here: THE MONTH OF...

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Elul – Day 20

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THE GATE OF TEARS Judaism teaches that a soul is never damaged. The body perhaps, the psyche perhaps, but the inner core of goodness that is the soul – never. The essence always remains intact. Although that is true, the damage that we do in our physical lives can create a ruin so big, so high, and so wide that it completely obscures the pure essence underneath. And yet, Moses taught us that there is never a ruin so big that it can’t be rebuilt; there is nothing that breaks that can’t be mended. After the sin of the Golden...

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Elul – Day 19

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THE MEANING OF TESHUVAH What exactly does the word teshuvah mean? Well, we’ve come to understand that it means repentance. But the real understanding is actually the opposite of what we think. What??? you say. Well, repentance, usually implies that we need to turn around, to get on the right path and off the wrong one. However, the Hebrew word teshuvah literally means to return. And one can not return to something that they have never had a relationship with…or an encounter with. Now, that is not to say that we should not repent,...

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Elul – Day 18

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Since Elul is compared to the month of REPAIR, let’s look at some ways to actually do that. First a little history lesson on one of the most famous Jewish sages ever born. His name was Maimonides. Maimonides was born as Moshe ben Maimon or in Hebrew – רמב״ם‎‎ – and then acronymed RAMBAM for “Rabbeinu Moshe Ben Maimon“, “Our Rabbi/Teacher Moses Son of Maimon”). He became one of the most prolific and influential Torah scholars and physicians of the Middle Ages. Born in Cordova, Almoravid Empire (present-day...

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Elul – Day 17

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WHO ARE YOU? As you spend this set apart time, this month of Elul (6th month of the Hebrew calendar), examining the patterns of your life that you have woven for yourself, always remember that the Holy One (God) always radiates compassion. His arms are always wide open when you turn away (teshuvah) from those shortcoming and seek refuge in His Light. Let’s look at just one shortcoming that we, as human beings, all seem to walk in at some point each and every day. Offense. Yep….I said it outloud. You either offend, or you are...

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Elul – Day 16

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FACING YOURSELF The Baal Shem Tov taught that everything we see, whether good or bad, is really a reflection of ourselves. If it was not, we’d simply not see it. This phenomenon is part of a merciful way that G-d has of teaching us lessons in life. Most of us have a difficult time hearing from others that we have a flaw which we ourselves don’t recognize. Therefore, G-d sets us up to have a confrontation with a person who exhibits that same flaw in some form. We see it and we say “how terrible.” But then it dawns on us...

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Elul – Day 15

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TAKE IT OFF! OK got your attention! Today we must ‘face‘ ourselves. How do we do that and what does that exactly mean? Well, think about it – each of us wear different faces, depending on the circumstance or the situation we find ourselves in. It is, for lack of a better word, survival. It is how we get through the day. Sigh. The Hebrew word for face is panim and it comes from the same root as pnim which means ‘interior‘.  Interior. The inside – of you and of me. As with any Hebrew word, the Holy One named...

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Elul – Day 14

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HOLINESS – ON YOUR SLEEVE? What exactly is holiness? Have you ever wondered about the meaning of holiness or have you just given it a nod head? Let’s delve a bit deeper into what holiness might look like. First of all, if we are made in the image of God, and He is certainly holy, than surely some of that holiness must be somewhere within us! Wouldn’t you agree? Now, I know…..some of you may be saying…well I certainly don’t see any holiness in so and so. That might be true, you might not be able to see any...

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