Elul Day 35

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Tishrei 5 THE PERSONAL HOLY OF HOLIES Before the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, the pinnacle of the Yom Kippur service was the moment when the High Priest (the Kohen Gadol) would enter the Holy of Holies. This was the only time of the year that anyone could enter this holiest of inner sanctums and only the High Priest was permitted to do so and only for a short duration. It was such an intense moment that if the High Priest was not completely pure—if he had committed even one transgression for which had had not previously atoned—he...

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Elul Day 33

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REBUILDING THE KINGDOM Today begins the countdown to Yom Kippur.  Today is the third day of the Ten Days of Teshuvah, which will culminate on this most awesome of days. This is possibly the most intense time in the Hebrew calendar when each individual is granted the power of a group of ten. We are vested with this power because in these ten days, having crowned G-d as our King, we now undertake the task of rebuilding His kingdom—both in the spiritual realm “above” and in our world “below”—known in the language of...

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Elul – Day 31

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Tishrei 2, Second Day of Rosh Hashana   THE DAY OF CORONATION   The idea of Rosh Hashana as the day when we “coronate” G-d as the King of the Universe, may be one of the strangest and hardest to accept for those of us raised in modern, democratic societies. To us kings are corrupt despots at worst, and characters out of fairy tales at best. Yet this idea is essential to the observance of Rosh Hashana, because in the language of Judaism a king is a metaphor for absolute authority. On Rosh Hashana we accept upon ourselves G-d as the...

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Elul – Day 30

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THE KING IS ON THE THRONE! The King of Kings has approached his throne and is about to take his seat.  The time of Elul, of preparation, has come to an end. We no longer can run out to the field and walk casually to and fro among the daises and wildflowers with our Father. We must now approach the throne room and be admitted in, bowing and bending as we go. Will we have the scepter raised as it was raised for Esther? Are we ready to don the white garments of a bride? The ledgers lay on the table close to the throne…it is almost time for...

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Elul – Day 29

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HOW DO YOU LOVE? In the world we live in today, there are various ways to love something. For instance – just take a few minutes to listen to a conversation between two people and you’ll hear some say they love their dog, or their iphone or their house or whatever… “LOVE” is expressed or shown in so many different ways – in fact there is a ‘way’ for each person. But there really are all kinds of different definitions for ‘love’. Think about the love between an engaged couple, or a...

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