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לֹא תִשָּׂא אֶת־שֵֽׁם־יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ לַשָּׁוְא

You will not lift up or carry the Name of YHVH in an empty, disrespectful, dishonoring way

The Holy One has entrusted to us His Name. We are His Covenant people. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we are carrying His Name to the world. For better or worse, we are always engaged in this greatest of all enterprises.

The question is, do our lives, our attitudes, our facial expressions, our reactions, our conversations, our priorities, and our deeds bring honor to the Name of our Creator as we go through the world bearing that Name? Are we, through our joyful, positive lifestyles, broadcasting to the world the Goodness and Majesty and Wisdom and Power and Sheer Delightfulness of our King?

Or is the way we actually live our lives in real time an indictment against and an embarrassment to His Kingdom?

Taking‘ [the Hebrew verb is nasa] the Name of the Holy One in ‘vain‘ [the Hebrew word is shav] is, alas, so much more prevalent than just using some form or adaptation of His Beautiful Name in the midst of a rant of foul language.

  • Do we hate or harbor prejudice or ill-will toward any person or any ethnic group?
  • Do we judge and criticize others?
  • Do we arrogantly insist on getting our way or being thought ‘right’?
  • Do we take offense at what others say or do, or how they dress or behave or cope?
  • Are we easily upset/angered?
  • Do we gossip about others?
  • Is what other people think of us important to us?
  • Do we eat more than we need?
  • Do we buy things we do not need, just for pleasure?
  • Do we spend time and energy doing things that have no Kingdom purpose?
  • Are we passionate about worldly things?
  • Do we let our flesh appetites and urges control our behavior?
  • Are we dishonest in business dealings?
  • Do we do less than our best at work or school?
  • Are we fearful?
  • Are we self-righteous?
  • Do we insist on telling others our opinions – and expecting them to agree with us?
  • Are we controlling?
  • Do we manipulate others with flattery, guilt trips, and emotional outbursts?
  • Do we belittle our parents, or spouses, family members, or others in the community of faith?
  • Are we negative in attitude and speech?

If we do or are any of these things, we are not representing the Name of the Holy One, which we are called to bear, take up, and carry to the world as His Covenant People, as He has empowered and commissioned us to do.

Now is the time to get real about, and take seriously our responsibilities in relation to, taking up/carrying/bearing the Name of our King to the world.

It involves every area of life.

As a faithful, kind, patient, wise, and loving son or daughter brings honor to his father and mother, so are we to be faithful, kind, patient wise and loving in all things in order to bring honor [the opposite of shav] to the Name of our Beloved Father in Heaven.

Today is the day to reconnect with our greatest purpose on earth at such a time as this.

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