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More on the Ten Days of Awe.

Read the following and allow it to reconnect you to the empowerment of where we belong. Let us continue to focus on WHOM we stand before.

לֹֽא יִהְיֶֽה־לְךָ אֱלֹהִים אֲחֵרִים עַל־פָּנ You will allow no things to come between you and my Face

Read that again…..NO THINGS…NADA…NOTHING….NOPE! So, look around and just peruse the stuff you have around you. What do you see? Anything there that you just can’t bear to part with? Mmmmmmmm….could be a problem you know if that’s the case. If your eyes paused over something, look at it a bit harder … a bit longer …. and let your mind entertain reasons just why that ‘thing‘ is so important to you. Now examine those reasons. Do those ‘reasons’ really matter?


Our purpose here on earth – from our creation to our taking away – is to walk in the LIGHT of our Bridegroom-King. This is where we are to settle and enjoy His presence s that His Light shines in all areas of our life. Are we allowing these ‘things’ block the wonderful Light of his Face? Do those things make shadows so that the fullness is blocked out?


When those things cause the shadows to eclipse the Light of our life, then we tend to slumber and fall into darkness. We begin holding on too tightly to those things and letting go of what really matters. We slip into the shadowy sphere of curses and death.

So again, I ask you …. look FULL into the face of those things. Seriously, is there any thing, person, or relationship that you have tagged with more importance than spending time with the Holy One? Have you allowed them to become distractions and raised them to the status of idol? Maybe that thought never crossed your mind – but anything that comes between you and Him… an idol. And you are in sin.

This is the time to take an accounting of what you have allowed to come between you and Him. Disperse the shadows and come into the full and glorious sunlight of his Countenance! These are the Days of Awe!

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