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Yesterday … I posted about this nagging cough I’ve had for over 2 years on FB…. and the responses were amazing! Thank you all for your wonderful and helpful suggestions. After pondering everything and responding to a couple of kind and sweet people that reached out privately to me…. here is where I’m at. KISS. I thought some of you that have experienced something like this (no matter if it’s a cough or other dis-ease) might want to follow along or even join me.

Yep….I’m going to go back to KEEP IT SIMPLE SISTER. One of my long time FB sweet sisters who is very knowledgeable in the holistic field said “STOP” … I laughed … why did I laugh? Because I had already pondered going in that direction. Questions such as maybe I’m overloading my system with all these oils and herbs, maybe I need to back up, maybe it’s time to go cold turkey.  So after she said that, I said why not? I’ve done everything else in the last few years, might as well start over! So yesterday – I set aside all my home grown herbal tea concoctions, all my essential oil cocktails, and all my vitamins. I scoured my diet and removed all the gluten, hidden sugar, most spices and stripped everything down to the basics. It actually feels kinda freeing.

Last night after a light dinner of grilled cod on a bed of sautéed spinach and some left over green beans, I reached for my herbal tea…and stopped, glass in mid-air. That go-to all day comfort drink was set aside for a glass of water. Not bad…it tasted actually pretty good. So I drank a couple more glasses of pure water (well water that goes thru the osmosis system). Then, rather than sitting down later with a bowl of ice cream .. or a glass of wine, I drank another glass of water with a bit of lime juice in it … and headed for bed. Actually, I felt like I was in a test or something. Could I do this? I don’t really do well when ‘limiting’ what I think is natural and good for me. Ok, well, wine is good for your heart right?? Ok Ok…let’s go on. So after staying on the ‘plan’ of keeping it simple, the last thing I remember was just praising His Name for giving me breath, for loving me, for caring for me and for a good nights sleep. Maybe it may have been the mindset, maybe it was the determination, maybe it was focusing on something different, maybe it was the water – but last night I did NOT cough! The slight wheezing was there, but it was a such a huge blessing to just SLEEP!!!! For those of you that have difficulty sleeping for one reason or another – you know what I mean!

Whatever it was, I feel refreshed, renewed and focused! Just one other thought – after I had posted on FB and all the messages started pouring in – a meme flew past my wall advising not to post personal problems, I almost deleted my post as I thought … yeah that’s probably a good thing. And truth be told, it’s probably a good standard to live by – since most of the people on FB you actually don’t know in person, you can get all kinds of bogus info, and then of course there are the stalkers and haters. (Ask me how I know that!) But I didn’t…and I’m glad I didn’t. Even just seeing the amount of people that cared enough to want to help is healing in and of itself. And … the confirmation I received from several of you with what the Holy One had been nudging me to do anyway … was an answer to prayer. Just saying 🙂 

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