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Today marks the 2nd year when my husband of 48 years, James E. Staley, Jr., passed thru the veil of time and was ushered to his resting place by our Father above. I’m sure that in the next realm (at least in my mind’s eye), the first one he embraced was his youngest son, Jason, who left us a year before. Then I’m sure he embraced his parents, his beloved Grandma Mitchell and so many that had touched his life through the years. I bet he even had a great sit down with our friend Brad Scott. I smile as I think of all the discussions ’round the table.

It has been a very difficult and trying last few years, but our hope is in His love and mercy … and when doubt and despair try to overwhelm me, I  sense my son, Jason, whispering….‘it is what it is mom – keep going’. And then I ‘feel‘ my husband’s arm around me and I’m strangely comforted. I rest in the truth of the promises of the God I serve – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – the promises made a surety by His son’s death and resurrection. And I go on to face another day.

Two years … it seems an impossibility! One of the last things Jim said to me, about a month before he passed, was “You’re going to miss me when I’m gone” … he said it with that infamous smirky grin with a twinkle in his eyes, as he went to fill up my gas tank before I left the house. He did little things like that all the time….made my coffee when he heard me get up – even went to the effort of putting a dash of MCT oil and whirling it up in my nutribullet. He would help clean up the kitchen, often do the laundry, along with all the ‘manly’ chores that he did without one complaint. Those that new my husband, listened when he talked…because he was a man of few words, and only commented on things that he actually knew about, not like many that have a flow of words without content. People knew he was a ‘servant‘ … a true leader and didn’t need any titles to do what was in his heart.

We travelled the world together and I especially draw from those memories. Hawaii, Maui, Costa Rica, many times in Israel and across the United States. Our legacy (so far) is eight beautiful grandchildren (all girls) and one grand-son-in-law. So we are expecting great grandchildren soon! So many memories to draw from. Jim treasured his daughter in laws and was especially close to our oldest son’s wife, Cheryl. She looked up to him as a ‘father’ – and he was overwhelmed with that sentiment. His love for his eight grand daughters…and all he would do for them (and the oreo cookies he secretly provided for him) are some of my most treasured memories.

At the end, the angelic voices of his grand daughters and their overpowering love for him helped guide him from this realm to the next. They literally ‘sang him home’. That heavenly vision will forever be etched in my heart.

All in all – even though we experienced some very rough times, I know Jim stands with me right now and says …

“We are so blessed”!

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  1. 12-18-2020

    Bless you my sweetest of sisters. I was so blessed to be with you following Jim going home. Thank you for allowing me to come and be a part of Jim’s celebration of life. Thinking of you today and everyday. Shabbat Shalom… your BFF

  2. 12-19-2020

    We will all miss him and Jason so very much but know that someday we will see them again. Love the pictures–

  3. 12-19-2020


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