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Today is a day of reflection. It is a day that will forever be etched in my heart and in my soul – and one that will most assuredly be a marker in the days of my own life’s calendar. So many private messages have flooded my inbox, so many hands reaching out, tears being shed, anger being expressed, that I felt it was needed to say a few words about a ministry that is so dear to my heart and a family that is my life. May it hopefully bless you.

Last nite, the current leadership and board of Passion for Truth Ministries announced that they are dissolving that entity. Not only did they dissolve this ministry in headlines that cut to the core of my heart, it overwhelmed me to an extent that I was not expecting. From its inception to its demise, the journey was filled with all the ups and downs of a finely tuned box-office hit. How on earth did we get to this point? No way to go through all the details, but here are a few rambling thoughts that may lend some hope and healing.

It seems like only yesterday that my son and I were fighting over my insistence to say Yeshua instead of Jesus. It still brings a smile to my face, as I clearly remember him saying, ‘Mom, you’re not JEWISH!!!’ …. oh my, so many memories flood and overwhelm me all at once. The damn seems ready to burst. Knowing my son as I do, and maybe as a mother only can, I knew he was wrestling with himself as he came against everything I was learning, so very long ago.

However, just as we all do, we kick at the ones we love the most when we are confronted with TRUTH and then don’t know what to do with it. Especially if it will change our lives and shift it into high gear of the unknown. And Jim was certainly one of those kids that always challenged everything; but can’t blame him, it was our hope that both of our sons would never just follow the crowd but always test everything. They did.

And so it went, challenge after challenge in this new way of ‘thinking’ – going from the doctrines of men and tradition and the comfortable armchair church services to thinking on ones own, studying, researching, digging. Both my sons were on this narrow road – they just never really stopped to rest at any of the crossroads together. Both went their own ways. Jim’s was more public and ‘out there’, Jason’s was more private and one on one. The hours and hours of study that they both put in, the digging and sorting through various traditions and doctrines and fact finding wore us all out.

Then, through a set of circumstances, Jim & Cheryl left their long held beliefs and local church and slowly began a bible study in their home. My husband and I joined them and it seems like a whirlwind took birth right there in the loft. Slowly it began to swirl around the few people that joined us, then it started growing and we moved to the basement where that, too, was soon outgrown. The whirlwind continued until one small church was found and then a bigger more spacious building was acquired. Jim was in full control of every aspect and surely , if truth be known, he was riding the whirlwind and seemed to have the reins quite tightly in his hands. All was going full steam and so many miraculous events took place!  It was truly amazing! Livestream was added, conferences given, teachings recorded, and even satellite churches were put in place around the world. From a basement to a mountaintop in such a very, very short time! It was now an international ministry. The growth of this little four-some was exponential and breath-taking as it grew into a multitude! So much….so fast.

That was over ten years ago.

Now, due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, or even imagination, all seems to be for naught. All seems to be wasted. The hours and hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears that were poured so willingly into this endeavor, the sacrifices made, the tears shed … was it all wasted and for naught?

My ‘inner woman’ says >>>> NO <<<<< … it can not be. The Holy One does NOT begin something that has ministered to so many thousands and thousands of people and then casually dismiss it with a well placed announcement of dissolution.

That is not His way.breathe

So while many are shaking their heads, or their fingers, and it seems as if chaos and abandonment are raining relentlessly, take a step back. Take a long step back, and breathe deeplyexhale slowly.

No, the Great I Am is still at work. What was begun from a pure heart, and a desire to do His will is never in vain. He is still at work in each and every one of us, to the extent that we are willing to yield our hearts and open our ears to hear the cry. He is still reaching out and touching everyone that was affected by Jim and the Passion for Truth body of believers. The breath of the Ruach haKodesh is still to be found in the wind! This is not the end!

This is a beginning and a time when the call for healing and restoration and forgiveness and grace is a mandate for the body of Messiah. This is the time when the Holy One desires us to take a look at ourselves, our own sins and stop pointing fingers at our brothers/sisters. All of us have missed the boat at one time or another. Each and every one of us are guilty of not doing the right thing at the right time – in this instance – or in some other instance. None of us are immune and all of us still walk in the flesh. We fight the yetzer-hara (evil inclination) daily.

Let todayplease – let today be a wake up call for each of us. It is never too late to heed the call of the Father.  Let us heed the call of HE who matters!

So no, my brethren, this is not the time to give up, walk away, throw up your hands in disgust or accuse anyone. Those are ALL knee-jerk reactions! Let us learn from this, let us exhibit more love and mercy and forgiveness than we ever thought possible. Let us truly fulfill the two great commandments that our Messiah left us with as a beginning to all things ~

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the great and first commandment.  And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.”   Matthew 22:37-40

It is not about you …. or me …. or even this ministry.

It is about Him – pure and simple. All about Him and His Kingship, His house, His rules. The clarion call is clear – the focus is HIM ….

not you,

not me,

but only





  1. 9-30-2016

    Dear Sandra- thank you so much for your beautiful sentiments during this season … yes, when I dwell on what has happened, how it happened and where we are today, my heart is heavy and my tears flow freely. But when I center and focus on what the Holy One is doing in all of us – especially my son, I am filled with hope and expectation. Jim has an anointing that has not been removed, in fact, he is making such an impression where he is now that I simply have to shake my head in disbelief. The Father’s refining fire is polishing off all those sharp and ragged edges. He is a ‘different’ man….a new man…and you are absolutely correct – YAH IS NOT DONE WITH HIM YET! 🙂 .. as He will not turn his face from any of his children when they repent neither has he turned His face away from this child. The Feast Days are especially difficult to go through without our ‘whole’ family, so we take solace in the ones we are blessed to have around us! Thank you so much for your heart and your prayers!

  2. 10-1-2016

    Pam I just read and had to remember you were speaking about Jim and not my son Shanon.Tears and weeping seem to be the norm for me and it has been 7 years this month our son’s life fell apart.He was Pastor in mega church for many years and as Jim started small but grew in the whirlwind the same thing with our son.He has been with us for 7 years and the days are long, it all seems impossible but the reality
    is always before me …

  3. 12-23-2016

    Shalom from South Africa. We are about one hundred years behind the USA. So I know what persecution feels like. One thing I can say is that I testify everywhere I go and the first teachings I ask people to look at is Truth and Tradition, Identity Crisis and the Great deception from Jim Staley. Our righteousness is like filthy rags. We are all guilty. I will keep on praying for your whole family. From repentance to restoration, we are all being cleansed. Shabbat Shalom. Rudiane

    • 12-26-2016

      It never ceases to amaze me Rudiane where the Holy One takes me… thank you for taking the time to say hello, bless our family and encourage us! May your journey in South Africa be one of many miracles!

  4. 2-6-2017

    Pamela – Shalom from Rolene here in Montagu South Africa. This morning I was praying and I felt a very strong impression to pray for Jim, his wife and their daughters. As I write know I am feeling as if a stone in on my chest. I have learnt very much from Jim and I keep on going back to Jim’s youtube clips whenever I want to know a subject better. Be sure that you and your family will be in my prayers. Avinu will carry us through – He will open the sea when it looks like we are trapped – and then drown the enemy also. Lots of love

    • 2-6-2017

      Thank you so much Rolene and may the Holy One bless you as you continue on your journey. Thank you especially for continuing to pray for Jim and the girls and our family – some days are better than others – but we are all determined to just put one foot in front of the other. His will is being accomplished!

  5. 3-4-2017

    Shallom . Am a 63 Yr old retired male from Hyderabad , India . My search for truth started in 2012 and one thing to another YHVH through Yahushua ha_Masiach led me to the Torah and the use of the Sacred Name .From 2014 I came to be aware of a messainic movement when I googled for ‘ Jews who believe in Jesus ‘ and of my many teachers online , Pastor Jim influenced me a lot .
    The world may condemn him for what he has done or not done but YHVH knows the instrument He uses and I know YHVH has clothed him with the righteousness of Yahushua ha’Masiach in spite of the prosecuting lawyer , Satan , trying to indict a servant of YHVH . He is a chosen vessel and this fire is a cubicle that he will go through not only for himself but for others that are enslaved by Satan and kept behind brick walls . He will Rob the precious gems out of Satan’s hand and bring them into the Kingdom of YHVH.

    I know you , his wife Cheryl and his six daughter’s are agonising but this also will pass and great times are ahead for the name of YHVH will be glorified by Pastor Jim in the dark continents of the world and there Satan will be shamed for raising his voice against a chosen vessel of YHVH. Zechariah 3 : 2 – 7 .

    My tears and prayers will not be unanswered for YHVH will keep you , Cheryl and his six daughter’s under the shadow of His wings until the return of the exile.

    May YHVH bless in Yahushua ha’Masiach.

    Joy Mathew
    Mobile No. +91 – 7306032138

    • 3-4-2017

      Thank you Joy for your beautiful words of love and mercy. May the Holy One bless you abundantly and give you joy and shalom in your journey with Him! Please keep praying and lifting up Jim and all of us in your prayers. That is what the body is for in the long run!

  6. 1-7-2018

    Why don’t someone reopen church? I think whoever was responsible for shutting it down did not have the real vision. This was not about Jim Staley. This was was about a last days move of God. An Elijah movement of turning the hearts of the children back to the heart of the Father.

    • 1-7-2018

      Hi Mark – well, we just have to trust that Yahweh was in charge and while we can’t ‘see’ the whys and wherefores … He will have His way. If it is meant to be it will be. Thank you for your prayers and kind heart.

  7. 11-21-2019

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I have Jim to thank for being the messenger who God sent to “wake” me from my worldly Christian beliefs and show me how to start a path true north to God. The hatred and attacks that my family have faced since have been a testament to the accuracy of our direction. I am studying Jim’s teachings and wish to learn everything I can from him. I believe that everything that happens is graced with Gods will and as Jim would say, all we know are the facts, we do not know if it’s a blessing or a curse.

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