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A Journey to Health….

It has been over 6 years since I’ve had a good night’s sleep or a healthy deep breath. I’m sick and tired of it. As I was pondering this morning about ‘my situation’, the thought came to me that maybe someone else could benefit from my sporadic notes journaling this part of my search for health. Many of you that know me – or follow me – know that I suffer from an exposure to toxic black mold about 6 1/2 years ago and have been unable to find help through the normal medical fields. There is nothing in their little black bags anymore except prednisone and antibiotics. So…today is day 1 of a new journey and a new determination to ‘body heal thyself!’ … all from the encouragement of a young man from Canada who was a pre-med student and who went another direction after being disillusioned of the politics and pharmaceutical influences.  So join with me on my journey, and if you are suffering from a particular ailment or situation in your own life that you simply have not been able to overcome, let’s work on it together. Leave a comment below and let’s get healthy!

So, let’s start with drawing a timeline…and I think a timeline for each of us would be helpful, so get out your notebook or ipad and let’s begin. Search back through your pocket of memories until you reach a timestamp that seems to indicate where your situation/sickness began and shouts “HERE I AM”!! Take notice of what emotions flood your senses and which memories rise to the surface and elaborate on that as you write it down. What we are doing is recognizing our emotions, our memories,  and seeing them for what they are. Be totally honest in your evaluation as you put pen to paper.

Now that you have elaborated on this part of the undercover work, go back just a little further on your timeline. The reason being is that the HERE I AM marker … is usually just the proverbial stick that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. If one travels just  a little further back on the timeline, there will be smaller markers that seem to trip you up as well. Those little stumbling blocks, if put under the microscope, will reveal various flaming arrows. Scrutinize those little markers, some of those red and flaming arrows may represent a harsh judgment from someone, another marker might be a broken relationship, another one would be rejection from a loved one….simply take the time to recognize what led you to the  HERE I AM roadblock! Now we’re cooking!

As you slowly recognize those little roadblocks leading up to the major break in your highway of life, now we can begin the healing process. First, one has to seriously own that timeline. What does that mean? It simply means stop sidestepping the bumps in your life. Use your imagination (yes, Yah gave you that!) and see that highway underneath your feet, recognize the tiny potholes of life that you sidestep or walk over. Sometimes, that can be a good idea, but when it comes to being healthy (both in body AND mind) those tiny potholes that finally balloon into one big roadblock need to be addressed. Sometimes we need to travel back in time and walk through them…so that we can actually see what happened! As you might have guessed…..that big ole roadblock didn’t just emerge by itself….it had help!

So…let’s be vulnerable…when I look at my timeline of events I could probably go back a long, long way, but to keep it simple I’ve chosen to go back to the last traumatic pothole that seem to lead to that big ole roadblock. Truth be told, I keep tripping over one particular blip in the road and as I gaze at the road signs around me, I see the Catholic Church Exit sign on one side of the road, and New Way Enter on the other.  As I take some time to unravel that picture, thoughts well up inside and I realize that ‘leaving’ that comfortable, easy, well-worn road of ancestors was really quite traumatic – it was a rip in my fabric of life – a big rip! That fork in the road and the path I took led to some pretty serious ramifications. The path was totally unknown, and at the time, not very well traveled for those leaving the security blanket of ‘the church’. At least for a young married girl in the suburbs!

The time period was also interesting, if you’re into history. It is my belief that many of our ‘situations’ arise from circumstances surrounding us. Looking at my own timeline for clues, I find it interesting that the Yom Kippur 6-day war of 1967 had just been won by Israel, and the move of the Ruach haKodesh (Holy Spirit) began moving across the globe during that period as well. In 1967 the Jewish Voice Broadcasts by Louis Kaplan was founded in the same year and Messianic Judaism took on new life, as did the move of the Spirit in various church denominations! While I was too young at that point in history to take notice of the changes, there was a lot going on in my own personal life, graduating high school, marrying my childhood sweetheart and bringing two babies into the world. My life was full. But by the end of the 70’s and into the early 80’s I began questioning my beliefs, my destiny, my life and those historical events now slowly began permeating my life.

So here’s the challenge – step back and examine your own timeline, review those potholes that trip you up and then ponder on the historical pulse of the world. See a coincidence?

That’s it for today, do your homework, send me a note below or on our Contact Page and let’s check back in a few days. Let’s GET HEALTHY!




  1. 4-3-2021

    I am with you sister. I am also on a healing journey.

    • 4-3-2021

      Yes, Mandy!! We are ALL on a healing journey – no matter if it’s physical, emotional or spiritual…because what we are learning is that it is ALL ONE! Our physical, emotional and spiritual are all tied together and THAT will show the temperature of our life! Keep going forward Mandy – we CAN make our EXODUS and return to the PROMISED LAND! ~ Pam

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