Jim & I find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of reaching out and asking for help. We prayed and sought our hearts and advise from friends and family on how to handle this – as we are of the ‘age’ and generation where you do it all yourself. However, we simply can’t and need to reach out.

Jim and I bought this ‘last ever’ house three years ago and  were so blessed – we still believe that. It was a foreclosure and it was something we could financially afford as we both are retired and on Social Security.

Unfortunately – the last 18 months have been riddled with various health problems causing numerous visits to the doctor – all to no avail and leaving us constantly sick.

Recently, we found out that the problem in the house is due to allergens and all the carpeting in the house must be removed and the entire house treated. This has caused major concerns for us as our limited income affords no extra leeway for doing this type of repair. We need to do this as soon as possible and if you can help in anyway, we would be greatly appreciative.

Thank you for considering helping us in this urgent matter. If you can help financially, click on the link below, if you are strapped too – then join us in prayer! ~ Jim & Pam

ps…you can also just donate thru paypal with the link on the right column.


Abundant blessings and thank you to all who reached out with prayers, support and a lending hand to help Jim and I through some touchy circumstances. Your love and support meant more to us than you will ever know! May the Holy One bless you abundantly!

Jim & Pam