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perspectiveYom Kippur….day of atonement…at-one-ment…atone….men…t….I know … silly isn’t it….looking at the various ways one can ‘see’ something…but it is ‘eye’ opening isn’t it? One can simply see it ‘one’ way – atonement – or another way – ‘at one’ or ‘atone’ or any other various ways. All in perspective … yours, mine, and ours.

It’s all in perspective. How will you spend this day? Will you be at one with men and your creator? will you be seeking atonement? will you be atoning? … Maybe all of the above…. which is probably the best choice.

It’s a day … set aside …. to seek … to seek who we are, and who we want to be and who we think we are. Time to get real family – time to get real with ourselves first…and then with each other. The Holy One made you .. and me … who we are … simple fact. He is responsible for your emotions, your ideas, your loves, your hates … HE MADE YOU. it is up to US to decide how to live within or without….how to walk in His rules or outside of them – how to look at everything from the inside out …. and GET REAL … we do not live in a vacuum, we do not live in a paradise, we do not live in a bubble (even though we would like to once in a while!)…we live in a BROKEN WORLD with BROKEN PEOPLE …. simply put…..

WE NEED EACH OTHER… let’s quit shoving people out the door – and instead …. walk with them a mile in their shoes….we might learn a thing or two…..and in the process….learn HIS perspective.

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