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Today is the last day of the Gregorian Calendar … the last Shabbat of the Year, the last day of Hanukkah. A time to not only reflect on past events of the year, but to also hold the joy and accomplishments close to one’s heart as well as to look forward to a new day, a new beginning.

Day by day we go forward, never realizing how fast time encroaches upon us, how many moments we let slip through our fingers. Moments turn into minutes, minutes turn into hours – to days – to months – and here we are – a year older….hopefully a little bit wiser.

But no matter what the past year has brought you – triumphs or tragedy – accomplishments or disappointments – let it not be a yoke around your neck. It is time to set our face like flint into the eastern winds; it is time to breathe deeply of the beauty around us that the Holy One has given us through the canopy that surrounds us.  Breathe deeply my friend and know that each new day brings new hope, new opportunities and new experiences.

Determine in your heart – not to just lose a few pounds this year – but determine in your heart to be an uplifter of those around you. Determine in your heart to be one that walks in humility, and love and grace. Determine in your heart to walk out your faith and to be a LIGHT to the nations. Determine in your heart to not just be a speaker of the words of the scriptures but a doer! It is time for the body of believers to actually become a BODY!

Will you join me? Will you join us? Let us, this year, work on relationships, not our theology!

Let us, this moment, call upon the NAME of the Holy One of Israel – our Father, our King, our God and dedicate the works of our hands, the intentions of our heart to healing the body – no matter the cost to our pride, our ego, our thoughts or intentions of ‘being right’ – let us simply walk humbly with you and help restore the KINGDOM- one person at a time!!


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