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This past weekend was a breath of fresh air…it was a new dawn…it was an awakening!

An intimate, now closely knit, group of ladies stood in unison to reclaim the roles that the Holy One of Israel had given them in the garden. Each, quietly and with inner resolve, determined and purposed to guard, strengthen, build up, restore and reconcile the body of Messiah.

Ishas (women) of all walks of life leaned in closely to hear from the King. And they were rewarded for their ‘endurance’. Friendships were made, renewed and reestablished. It was a time of joy, of blessings, of healing and of purpose. It was a real-life ‘Facebook’ event with real people and real relationships!

The fast paced information was matter-of-fact and pierced through to the heart of the matter. However, though the information at hand was strong and challenging, it was delivered by sweet and gentle spirits of handmaidens serving only one … the King of Kings. And while the messages were forceful, poignant and straight to the point, they were wrapped in humility and laced with real life experiences. Each and every lady at the Women of Valor conference in Nashville, TN was ordained by the Hand of YHWH to be there, no doubt about it. It was a divinely appointed meeting.

The speakers were a tremendous force of motivation, and many (shall I say all) of the ‘lionesses’ that attended were able to rise again and refocus as His energy infused our tired and weary spirits. As above, at least for this gal, it was an awakening. We are not finished yet, we are simply regrouping.

The ‘movement’ needs a ‘spring cleaning’, wouldn’t you agree? Well, if you do then this is the perfect time – spring! It is more than a little ironic that as a winter retreats and spring reclaims its place from the seemingly dead earth, that so too we, as women begin to feel the awakening of new life coming forth. It really isn’t even a ‘new’ thing…it is a very ‘old’ awakening. It is simply a rebirth of what was at the beginning of time.

What we have up to this point in the Messianic/Hebrew Roots/Christian roots (whatever), was valid and needed to bring forth such a needed message, it is time to move forward, to spring ahead into the next phase of what He wants for the body. It is time that the ‘whole’ body of Messiah walked forth in wisdom and understanding, it is time for both the men and women of the Holy One of Israel arise and go forth to fight the good fight. This is not a take-over it is a joint effort!  It is not a feminist uprising, it is a feminine indwelling that has the stamp of approval from the Creator of Adam and Chava who created them with specific descriptive roles so that they could walk together and be as one!

As a body of believers, we have rarely embraced the true understanding of how He designed each of us to function in our roles.  We have lacked the wisdom and knowledge to submit to His perfect design so that the body would grow and flourish. It is time, dear brothers and sisters, to actually put all of our agendas aside, to lay down the centuries old doctrine and theology and understanding that has been ingrained into our souls and reevaluate who we are and where we are going as a ‘people’. It is time to stop forcing round pegs into square holes, and to examine again with fresh eyes, clean hands and a pure heart HIS perfect design – from the beginning. 

Instead of stopping at the gate of the first century, let us please, please, walk through the gate, back through time and stand at the entrance of the Garden. Let us all, with humble hearts, walk through the gate guarded by the cherubim together. Let us  lift each other up, healing the wounds that have pierced through, drying the tears that have been shed, and speaking words of comfort and encouragement all the way to the Tree of Life!

The wind is blowing dear ones, a new day is dawning……for such a time as this! Join us as we go forward!


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