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She has come to us down through the centuries as a woman who failed. A woman who failed her mission, her man and her God. A failure. Totally. Not only a failure but a complete failure. And so the picture of who she was in the beginning has become distorted, perverted-nothing anyone would want to emulate. Who wants to be a failure? Not me.

Unfortunately, from the very first one designed down to every one created since, has carried that tattered mantle of ‘not enough’ – unbeknownst to them. Bottom line, God made a mistake.


No He did not! The Holy One of Creation did NOT make a mistake – not at all. Are we so sure that He was totally taken by surprise at what transpired at that encounter with the fruit that looked pleasant to her eye? Was He so taken with the rest of creation that He messed up with ‘Eve’? I don’t think so. My God is bigger than that. And yours should be too.

So, let’s go back to the beginning (surprise!) and take a look at just a few things. Then, study it out and see what you think about the subject. Leave a comment and let’s talk.

First, everyone has heard of ‘first occurrence’ ~ right? It’s when you find a word in scripture that you want to dig a little deeper into the meaning, so you find the very first time it is used in scripture. Well, that’s what we’re going to do. And, of course, we’re going to look at that first occurrence in the original language – which in this case – is Hebrew.

Understanding the depth of the words in scripture, exploring the nuances of the grammar in its original language changes lives and offers a long cool drink for that thirst we all have for a clear understanding of what was originally meant. Basically, it’s just the ‘original design’. Have you ever wondered what Yahweh’s intent was for the original design of man and woman? Or have we settled for the traditions and doctrines of centuries of cultural explanation? Our lives are so filled with the status-quo that most of us don’t dig very deep anymore – we’re just too busy. But this one is important. If you understand the original design from His perspective, well, it will change your perspective about a whole lot of other things!

So the first time the Creator of the Universe speaks forth the name of this wonderful design, the ultimate in creation, He uses the term ‘suitable helpmeet’ … uhhh….no…that’s our measly and poor interpretation for the amazing term Yahweh uses which is ezer kenegdo! Ok, yeah, I know – you probably have no clue – well, I didn’t either. But this wonderful Hebrew word encompasses a world (a WORLD) of descriptions that will surprise, amaze and tickle your funny bone. it will help women know the ‘why’ of why they do things, and for men it will give them a greater capacity to understand the relationships between man, woman and children. Knowing the nuances of this word, as well as the Hebrew term that the Creator uses for ‘man’ will open an understanding to relationships that will heal, help and mature each and every one of us. Now…with all that being said – don’t you want to know more?

Pull out your Strong’s, your dictionary and anything else you might have, and let’s get started!

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