coffeeWelcome to our home away from home for thoughts and musings as well as a stoop on the back porch to share some of the most important thoughts closest to my heart…my faith and family. And along the way a bit about our journey trying to blend the two.

Maybe not particularly interesting to anyone except .. well, probably me … and maybe my family, but it’s an outlet for me to be just, well, me. To write down my thoughts, add the pictures I want to add – here a little, there a little and maybe add a little to your life as you add to mine.

Sometimes, I ponder…and wonder why one needs a presence on this thing called social media…well, the only reason I can come up with is that we finite human beings…simply want to be remembered after we’re gone, and at the beginning of my ‘golden’ years – well, yep, I’m feeling that need as well.

Our walk in ‘searching for the truth’ began in earnest about 35 years ago as I began to approach the roadsign of age 30. It was about that time that I looked around my surroundings and wondered is this all there is?  Surely there were deeper and more satisfying answers to those age-old questions that plagued mankind than the pat answers that had been given though out my life young life. And so, it was then that the journey began and it has been oh such a journey!

It began with such a simple and naive belief that answers would come quickly and life would be so much easier, and fuller and adaptable. NOT! If anything more roadblocks were thrown up, comings and goings through various denominational doors – and a complete exit from my childhood religion. Bringing up two young boys during this trying period was both exhilarating and confusing – both of which continue to this day. Going through the ‘Jewish Roots’ and then the ‘Messianic Roots’ and then on to the ‘Hebrew Roots’ .. and back to the ‘Christian Roots’ … ahhh….labels…you gotta love them. NOT!

So here we are in our almost-latter years, wondering the proverbial would’ve/could’ve/should’ve on the various events in our life movie and pondering what would have happened ‘if’. Who knows. It is what it is as my youngest son, Jason always says. And it’s true – it is what it is and we deal with what we have to deal with. But we are still putting one foot in front of the other and trusting in His mercy and love and guidance. That’s all one can do.

So this site is simply for those who are interested, or nosy, or just came across this blog by coincidence. Just know this, there is no such thing as ‘coincidence‘ … so dig a little deeper and figure out why you’re here. We might just both benefit from your visit!


Spread the truth!