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Well, Hanukkah 2021 has come and gone… tiny blue and white twinkling lights slowly put away with a twinge of sadness. Yummy fried foods and dreidel games are just a memory. It was a wonderful and family filled holiday and so many memories captured on phones, cameras and hearts. In our small family we held on to each and every moment, whether it be a squeal of delight from a youngster to a ear to ear grin from a teenager receiving a gift of love from another.

As I relaxed on the oversized couch and soaked the scene in, pausing on each face, imprinting the moment on my heart, I thanked the Holy One, God Himself for giving me such a beautiful family. Lest I profess the “Wonderful Life” too much, never fear – we’ve had our ups and downs…..some BIG ups and downs. But, they are in the rear-view mirror and while we have all learned some valuable experiences on what to do and what not to do, they need to stay in the rear view mirror as we go forward cautiously but expectantly. There is so much to be thankful for!

The lights of Hanukkah may be extinguished on those small, colorful candles but the flame burns eternally in each of our lives. Those symbolic tiny lights shared their warmth and glowed with a beacon of hope to all who gazed into their essence …. and as we pondered on the glow of the true Light – the Light of the World we realize that we are to be a light! May each of us take those special moments of Hanukkah, the symbolism of those tiny flames and turn it outwards to a dying world. Let each of us light the candle of another and share the Light that is in us to them!

Blessings and shalom,


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  1. 12-7-2021

    Well said dear sister friend
    Time to move into our ministries with a fresh vision and a renewed hope for the future.

  2. 12-7-2021

    Pam, your words are so true. Thank you for this reflection. I pray my own spirit is as gracious and loving, and I thank our God for every up and down. Love you, precious sister!

    • 12-7-2021

      Thank you Jodi for those kind and encouraging words…they mean a lot to me! ~ Pam

  3. 12-12-2021

    Beautiful blog!

    • 12-12-2021

      thank you Bonnie – that means a lot coming from such a brilliant writer herself!

  4. 12-14-2021

    The gift of light and life through the lens of those we love.
    Well said my friend

    • 12-15-2021

      Aw, Jeff….what a blessing that is to me. Thank you dear friend!

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