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Yes…another winter behind us…another spring opening up before us. The essence of the breezes are lighter, full of scents that refresh the psyche and put a spring in the step. Several springs.

This is my 65th spring….that is mind blowing. But I relish every moment, taking the time to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ and sometimes I just sit on the deck and marvel at the beauty that the Holy One, the Creator of everything in the Universe has blessed His children with.

The garden is beginning to look alive…green is everywhere and salads have been gracing our table with fresh asparagus, kale, dandelions, violets, wild onions and redbud flowers. What a bounty He has blessed us with if you know where to look!

Today was an exceptional day – even though it was a bit cloudy. The stinging nettle has been transplanted into the herb garden, searching strawberry plants have been moved to some new spots, passion flower shoots bedded down into new homes, tomatoes, peppers, and squash out in their respective hills….and tonight we’ll be enjoying a soothing tea of stinging nettle, blackberry leaves and a bit of ginger.

Here’s to loving spring!

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