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Sukkot has come to an end for this season. So many things have ‘ended’ this season. So if things have ended,  than there must be a beginning … or something. Shouldn’t there? This Season of our Joy was very strange and disconcerting and while sparks of ‘joy’ were evident, they were interspersed within the rain clouds of grief and pain over losing our son, Jason. Not only our beloved youngest son, but two treasured friends and both our family dogs. Our small group honored all the memories of loved ones no longer here with us on the first day of Sukkot with Kaddish and each person gave a beautiful and touching remembrance story.

Then, as the days progressed my husband Jim felt increasingly uncomfortable. It seemed that his stomach was getting larger and he was feeling very uneasy. That Friday we buried our son and afterwards went straight to the ER where they drained 4.7 liters of fluid from his stomach. His liver was in cirrhosis! So for the last 2 weeks, we have been in and out of the hospital – with a stay of 7 days. Our temporary dwelling place for the 8 days of Sukkot was spent mostly in the hospital. It was a surreal experience. But as Rav Shaul (Paul) said, we are content with much and with little.

We tried, we really did, to enjoy the Season that will mean so much to every single believer in the end of days. But it was still surreal. We carried on as we knew that Jason would have urged us to do so – he loved the Feast Days of our LORD (Lev. 23 sums up God’s eternal plan and his blueprint for mankind in prophecy). If you have not discovered the beautiful plan of Yahovah (God) in His Feast Days and what they mean for you – now and at the end – please check into them – you will discover so much that you are missing!

Anyway, as I said at the beginning, Sukkot has come to an end. We have reminded ourselves each day of our blessings and have been thankful to the Holy One for all He has done for us throughout our lives and we pray that this new ‘season’ will be one of continuing service in His Kingdom.

We pray that your Season of Joy was a blessing – even if you too are going thru storms.

~ Pam ~



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