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Yep….as so many of you have noticed on FB…today is a rememberance day for me…68 years ago … the Creator of all Life breathed His breath into my lungs and gave me life. My mind reels when I try to ‘look back’ and see all that has happened in this yes, short life. It seems like a nano-second ago when I was playing in the back yard care-free and playing with my beloved little spaniel, Buffy. Feeding the little baby birds in the rafters of our old garage with an eye dropper because they were crying … saving worms from puddles … rescuing hurt animals … I loved my life, and am so thankful to have grown up in a world that was so safe and protected from what our children are exposed to today.
So much has happened…so very much. Time has a way of slipping through your fingers yet at the same time wrapping itself around your life in ways you would never expect. As I reflect this morning on all the events and circumstances in my life, I could very well be desponded and heavy-hearted, but I choose not to be. Instead, I will look back and smile for what was, for those that I have met along the way, for the few that I have truly loved and been blessed by, by those who are still in my life and mean so much to me, and focus on what lies ahead. The lessons I have gleaned from walking through the jungles of life, the memories I carry with me no matter where I lay my head, will light the path ahead as the road unfolds before me.
I am truly, truly blessed….and I thank each and every one of you that have touched my life in whatever purpose the Father brought us together. To my son, Jim….my heart beats for the time we are all together again and can put this episode behind us; to my daughter in law Cheryl, the love I have in my heart for you is simply at a loss for words; to my grand daughters, Hannah, Sierra, Alayna, Meleah, Kylah, Selah, MacKenzie and Peyton….you are my legacy and without you life holds no purpose; to my parents….Ron & Veronica Frierdich…I owe you everything and bless you with all my breath; to my sisters and brothers – Karen, Donna, Ron, Steve and Michelle….you are the anchors in my life…always there, always ready; and to the rest of my large family and all my friends….life would not be complete without each and every one of you! THANK YOU!
Let’s all breathe deeply and have a GREAT DAY together!

ps….just in case you’re so inclined … I am saving for something special
It’s called an Esther Ring and made by my dear friend Moshe from Israel

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