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My second born grand daughter, MacKenzie Staley, graduated yesterday from highschool. How could that be? She is still just a little tow headed little toddler? And I bet I’m not the only one that feels that way – eh Jay & Nicci? Sigh…..time marches on.

‘Kenzie’ is a beautiful, sweet, gentle and loving young lady. She is way too grown up for her age of course, but she has come thru the trials of her short life in grand style. Her beauty comes from the inside … and we are so proud of her!

As we sit at your graduation, my dear, watching you ‘walk the walk’ … we pray earnestly that the Creator of all takes a moment and smiles down upon you and you feel His presence … and walk in His shalom!



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  1. 6-4-2017

    What a sweet tribute to a wonderful young lady. Mazel Tov, Kenzie!

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