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Another Year….Another Milestone…

Today, December 18, 2021 marks another year that my husband, James E. Staley, Jr., silently slipped through the veils of time and entered his rest. I remember it as if it were, well, today. The memories are still fresh, still burning in my heart. Three years. Three years of not seeing his silly grin in the morning as he lovingly made my strange cup of coffee. Three years of not ‘feeling’ him throughout the day, seeing him always busy at something. Three years of missing him deeply. He told me I would…I do.

We first met when I was about 14 or 15..and I was smitten. There was something about that young man that just captivated me and drew me in. He, of course, had many other plans … and a few other ladies wrapped around his little finger. Maybe that is what drew me to him. After all, he was cocky, arrogant and full of himself. But……there was that something. By the age of 17 I knew we would marry – and so did he. Only two months after graduating high school, we became husband and wife, and we did what every other couple in that little ‘Village of Cahokia’ did…we got by with a little help from our friends.

A few years later found us with two little munchkins of our own….the first we named after his father, James E. Staley, III and the second one just 14 months later entered as Jason Scott. We were complete. My life was complete.

As I look back, fifty years later, the not-so-good times don’t stand out so much anymore. Maybe it’s like the Torah Portion reading of today. Joseph, even though the trials and heartache of his life, had not been forgotten, the pain had ceased and the times that were blessings filled his soul. I think that’s what happens….the pain lessens the memories of the difficult times and the good times bring joy and peace of what was.

So, my dear husband, lover, friend….we will meet again, bye and bye, on the other side of time. Until then….yes, I do miss you!

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