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Well, it has been YEARS … and I mean YEARS since I’ve plopped the soap molds onto the countertop and pondered the deeper things of life. hehe…. Well, today, considering that the planet will still be around another year it seems, and we have a president that no one ever thought would rise to the top…well, it just seemed like it was time.

Personally, I like the hot-process method – which means it can be used the same day if you want … and who doesn’t like that idea? So, my favorite oils came out – olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba.… and of course have to add some Lavender Essential Oil before pouring into molds.

After mixing all the ingredients and setting the crockpot on low, it felt like forever keeping an eye on it, even thought it was only about an hour. It really started looking like I used to remember – mashed potatoes! Now was the moment of truth – the zap test! Scooped just a fingerful out and rolled it into a ball…yes, nice and smooth! Now the tongue test (yeah I know but I like doing this part!) – NO ZING! We’re good to go!

Poured in my precious sweet smelling Bulgarian Lavender Oil and mixed it up good and then poured into the molds…. now it was just a matter of WAITING. Man I’m not good at that! So off to the back room it went so I wouldn’t poke it every 5 minutes. Now, after dinner, I checked on it and it’s barely warm, so out of the molds it came, and it is now nicely cut and tomorrow it will be ready to use!

All that to say, if you haven’t tried making soap – do it!  You can! It’s that easy! But of course, if you are not up to the time or energy, let me know – I do have some for sale.

Right now, there will be Peppermint, Citrus, Lavender, or No Scent. We also have a wonderful luxurious Oatmeal bar with added Shea Butter for a tad more.

We will contact you on shipping costs after we receive your order or  Contact us for more info for shipping to your area. But 3 and get the 4th bar FREE.

[wp_paypal_payment_box email=”” options=”Soap-Lavender:4.00|Soap-Peppermint :4.00|Soap-Citrus:4.00|No-Scent:4.00|Oatmeal Luxury Bar:5.00|Buy 3 Regular bars of same kind get 1 free:15.00″]

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