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Sukkot is now truly a fading memory, even though we linger here and there on some of those fasingmemoriesmore special moments which found us along the way of our eight day adventure. But with any highlight, there is always a downside….it ends. And so here we are, on the road again, another dollar another day, and back to the beginning.

The last of the Tanach has been read and sorted through – and now we can begin again! So let’s face the beginning pages one more time (or maybe for the first time) and see what treasures we will find this year.

Genesis… the Hebrew it is called Bereishit, which simply means ‘in the beginning’. So, let’s see, what happened in the beginning? The portion (parsha) that is read this week Genesis 1:1 through Genesis 6:8. It is an amazing story that begins with God bringing forth LIGHT and creating the universe and culminates with the building of the man and woman. Scripture tells us that it took 6 days (that’s why man’s number is 6) and then on the 7th day, He ceased (rested) from His creating. Why did he create ‘man’? He knew he would fail. He knew man and woman would disobey him. So again, why dbeginningid He create him in the first place?

Well, it is all about relationship. The Creator of the Universe desired a relationship with someone like Him.  So the ball, theoretically, is in our court. Do we actually WANT a relationship with the One who created us? Do we sincerely desire to KNOW who He is? For me and my house, the answer is yes. We hope you do too.


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