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Yes…today I turn 64. That seems ludicrous…incredulous…unbelievable! But, it’s true. 64 today.

So, as I sit here by myself, pondering that news, glancing out the patio door enjoying the comings and goings of the song birds….who patiently await spring as they dine on sunflower seed… an ocean of memories and thoughts flood my neutrons. Guess they are neutrons anyway. Doesn’t really matter I guess. Anyway – my feathered friends who are busily stocking up on suet and bird seed seem to glance my way, notice my pondering and continue doing what they were created to do. BE.

And maybe that is what we are also to do…“continue doing what we are created to do – BE“. We are created to BE all that we can BE. How to do that is the million dollar question, to be sure!

Some of us know exactly what that is and how it looks when we are 15….or 20….or 30…or maybe 40 (that’s when I have claimed that all men actually get ‘brains’ by the way!). Or maybe it is just an ongoing process in this footpath we call a journey – the journey of life.

Yes, I think that is probably more like what the A+ answer is. Whether you think you know how to BE at 15 or 20 or whatever, you find out MORE how to be the BE as you grow in experience and maturity.

So here we are…another year…still going forward, still figuring it out, still learning how to be the BE…. and thankful that I have been given that opportunity once again! Maybe this will be the year I get it right …. just kidding.

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