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This is so exciting!!! Last week we (Moriah, Sophia & I) found a BLACK WALNUT TREE! WHOOP WHOOP!! Out of the hundreds and hundreds of white oak trees and hickory trees – ONE black walnut sticks out! Each day I have gone out to the woods, look straight up at the sky – and will those beautiful big balls to fall! Only one has given in to my urging and cajoling, but there are more to come – if I can get their first.

The large green hull is so poignant, so sweetly sour smelling and ….. well, I just can’t get my fill of smelling black walnutthem! But…the one that I graced me with its fruit is now sitting in a small jar filled with 100% proof Vodka (along with some wormwood and cloves) and will be my parasite tincture in about 6 weeks. Each morning and late afternoon I open the cupboard and shake my three tincture jars – the Black Walnut Tincture, the Echinacea Tincture and the olive oil infusion of Echinacea and Patchouli.

As stated, the walnut smell  is oh so strong and a little will go a long way!  Make sure you gather walnuts that are not blemished – the greener the better. Then, after you use the hull you can harvest the nut in the center. How cool is that? Some people consider the hull and nut harvest two different gatherings, and sometimes (depending on how many I can gather) so do I. Many times, the nut is better and easier to get to when the hull it starting to deteriorate.


While you can use any alcohol to extract the medicinal properties from the walnut hulls, most use a high proof vodka or grain alcohol. Do not use rubbing alcohol if you plan to ingest the tincture! It’s pretty simple to make, just use a jar twice the size of the amount of tincture you plan to use and fill it half way with alcohol. You can simply put your walnut in the jar whole or you can cut the hulls off which will allow more ‘stuff’ in the jar thus a stronger tincture. If you choose that way you’ll need a sharp knife. Simply cut around the pit, take off hunks of skin and flesh away from the nut. It’s a bit difficult to do so, but you can just then plunk the pieces of the green hull into the alcohol and put the lid on tightly. After letting it steep for about 6 weeks in  a warm, dark spot strain it and bottle it in dark vials. The mixture will be a dark green (versus the dark brown sold commercially which is of lesser quality). That’s it!

This is a composite of the recommendations of Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. William Lee Cowden, MD.  Stick to the program for 10-14 days, take 5-7 days off, then repeat for another 10-14 days.  ***Please make sure you consult your own physician for advise – I am not a physician!***

For black walnut hull extract, this is what Dr. Clark recommends:
Day 1: 4X daily, 1 drop mixed in water.  Space the drops 4 hours apart, starting in the morning.
Day 2: 4X daily, 2 drops
Day 3: 4X daily, 3 drops
Work up to 20 drops taken 4 times daily and continue at this rate until the treatment program is finished

They also recommend taking wormwood and cloves along with black walnut to remove all stages of parasites.

Wormwood works best when the full day’s dosage is taken at one time, 15-20 minutes before a meal, says Dr. Cowden.  Here is his recommendation:
Day 1: 2 capsules
Day 2: 4 capsules
Day 3: 6 capsules
Day 4: 8 capsules
Day 5: 10 capsules
Day 6: 12 capsules
Day 7: 14 capsules.
Continue at 14 capsules until the course is complete.  Stay off wormwood during the same 5-7 days you’re off black walnut, then resume at 14 capsules of wormwood daily for another 10-14 days.

Crush fresh cloves in a coffee grinder and fill “gelatin capsules” or “veggie caps” (size “00”).  Fill the capsules at once and discard any left-over clove powder as it loses its potency quickly when exposed to the air.  You will need 117 clove capsules, says Dr. Cowden.

According to Dr. Cowden, this is the schedule to follow:
Day 1: 3X daily, 1 capsule
Day 2: 3X daily, 2 capsules
Day 3: 3X daily, 3 capsules
Then 3 capsules 3X daily through day 14.  Take capsules 15-20 minutes before a meal.  Stay off cloves the same days you are off wormwood and black walnut, then resume at 3 capsules 3X daily for another 10-14 days.

Some manufacturers provide a tincture containing all 3 of these herbs, which simplifies the procedure for people with a busy schedule.


So… there you go – going to try this myself and see how it works 😉


~ Pam

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