Princess Warrior with a Pen for a Sword

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Princess Warrior with a Pen for a Sword

A friend of mine, Nitza Moshe, spoke some words of life into my spirit today….she reminded me that I am a “Princess Warrior with a Pen for a Sword”.  That rang so true to my spirit. You see, I love words, I love writing, I love reading and many have said that my ‘words’ have touched them. Many, including my mother, insist I should ‘write a book’. So why don’t I? Motivation? Laziness? Distractions? … all of that and probably more.

But I do have this little ‘ole blog…and I do post with all my heart. All types of words flow out from within the deepest parts, whether it be on healing aides of herbs and essential oils, natural products, scriptural insights that are shared, personal victories or devastating defeats … all from the heart.

So today, I look carefully at this ‘sword‘ and measure it’s worth. Each of us have our ‘own’ sword…determine which quality within you is your sword, you will find it! Today I will pick up that sword again and endeavor to add light to the universe … to dispel a bit of the darkness in a chaotic world.

Join with me, determine for yourself that you, too, will add a bit of LIGHT to the darkness around you! Together we will journey forward and walk triumphantly in HIS LIGHT!

Blessings and shalom


Her Story…

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Her Story…

is our story

…… we are all ‘Esther‘ in some way or another – whether walking with the face of Esther or the face of Hadassah ~ we are all one in spirit. The one who is hidden, and the one who is not, the one who is a queen in waiting and the one who is of questionable background ~ it is us. Sometimes we face things with openness and boldness, and sometimes with fear and trepidation, but the two faces work together – always.

It is through both faces that we are able to walk this journey with confidence, and competence as we come together to recognize who we are. Recognizing who we are allows us to embrace the One who already knows us …. Him! When we are faced with situations beyond our control, we can take a deep breath, gather our thoughts and focus on the One who is always in control! Then we can walk forth through those precarious situations, those dire circumstances, and hold our head up because He has gone before us …. He is our shield.

Why can we be so confident and rest assured that He is in control when all around us seems in total chaos? Because God is always at work , always…whether we see Him or even hear His voice…He is always at work! All throughout the story of Esther, even though His name is never mentioned, He was at work. Only through hindsight are we able to bring all of that chaos into focus. In the dreary, dark days when Esther was taken forcefully from all that she loved by the guards and taken into the harem (2:1-16), or when she risked her life by going before the king without permission (5:1-3) we see, in the end….victory! But walking through those dire circumstances, navigating in the chaotic tides of the unknown, Esther/Hadassah, walked in trusting faithfulness in her God ~ even when none of it made any sense.

Our lives are filled with ups and downs, situations and circumstances that many times are beyond our control, but God is always present. Just as Mordecai’s words rested in his faith that God would honor his eternal covenant, so too should we learn how to rest in that same faith!

God is the ultimate Promise Keeper and no matter what the situation looks like … learn how to rest in Him. Rest in Him. As you rest in that trusting faithfulness that He will keep His promises, you will, in the end, see God weave all the events of your life into one beautiful tapestry…and it will, as it is quoted…be for your good!

If you are having difficulties today, if your life’s journey has thrown you a curve that you think you can not surmount … take a deep breathsee His face … and rest in Him. Allow Him to work in your life …. and know that He will keep His promises!

Esther ~ Day 2

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Esther ~ Day 2

Let’s continue……

So Esther kept her ‘Jewish’ identity hidden from the world around her. That brings up the time when others in the bible ‘hid’ their identity doesn’t it? Can you name a few? Let’s see….there was Moshe, Yosef, Sarai … just to name a few. Why would they need to stay hidden? Probably, the first and foremost reason would be survival, don’t you agree? Survival is at the core of every human being – and, I believe, God given. After all, the priority on God’s list is – LIFE (chai)! But what other reasons might there be?

The second thought that comes to my mind is ~ PURPOSE. Think about that – to ‘hide’ one’s true identity would be to fulfill a purpose for oneself or another. It is said that God works in mysterious ways…and so He does. Back to Esther.

Let’s examine her name a bit. She is called Esther in the Persian empire:

There was a Jewish man in Shushan the capital whose name was Mordechai, the son of Yair… from the tribe of Binyamin… He reared Hadassah, she is Esther, his uncle’s daughter, because she did not have a father or mother. The girl was beautiful of form and appearance, and when her parents died, Mordechai adopted her as his daughter. (Esther 2:5-7)

So we see right here that she has two names…why two names? Think of your own name…many are called by various names – I am known by … yes … “Pammy” by some of my oldest relatives … those who were a part of my life in the early years. Others call me Pamela, some Pam, and then of course there is Aunt, BFF, Sissy, and one very special name (which means so much more to me now than before) “Babe“.  Each of those names meant something different to each person. So it was with Esther. Those who called her Hadassah, truly knew her and were closest to her. Those who called her by the name Esther saw her another, more hidden side of her. Each name given in ancient days had meaning and children were named to live up to the meaning. Let’s take a peak at those meanings:

Hadas” is a myrtle, as the Talmud (Megillah 13a) explains:

Hadassah: myrtle leaves are sweet smelling, and used as a metaphor to describe righteous people.

Esther: from the root of “hester,” hidden, as she kept her words hidden (when she refused to disclose her nationality when chosen as queen). Also, it is similar to the Persian word “estehar” which means moon/crescent, a reference to her beauty; the nations would see her and say she is beautiful like the moon.

As we review those explanations in the Talmud and in other books, we see that these names reflect Esther’s beauty, her sweetness, and maybe most importantly, her hiddenness in a culture that defines each person in dramatic ways. As with Esther, we all seem to grope out way through life, going in and out of seasons where we must each hide ourselves from others ~ and sometimes ourselves ~ until there is clarity and light that illuminates our path.

Back to the facts….Esther, we are told, is Mordechai’s cousin and comes from the tribe of Binyamin (Benjamin) who is the son of Rachel.  She shared many characteristics of our matriarch, Rachel. In Genesis 29:17 we see that Rachel is described as one that is “beautiful of form and appearance” and her personality seems to also be a family trait as well. Like Rachel, Esther is also able to quite handily keep a secret. In Breishit Rabba 71:5 of the Midrash, it says about Rachel:

Rachel excelled in the art of silence (when keeping from Yaakov the switching of Leah at her wedding). And so did all her descendants hide information: Binyamin knew about the sale of Yosef and did not tell. Shaul: “and the matter of the (coronation to) kingship he did not tell.” Esther: “Esther did not tell of her birthplace or her nation.” (Midrash – Breishit Rabba 71:5)

In today’s world, silence or the ability to keep a secret is highly valued, especially when the reason for doing so is for a greater purpose. If you think about it, when you refuse to reveal private information you are releasing your ability to control events or manipulate circumstances, allowing a higher source to step in to bring things about as they should for that greater purpose.

So let’s stop right here and ponder on what we’ve read. Let’s apply it to you…and me. Each of us have at least two natures within that we struggle with on a daily basis. The side (or face) we show to others ~ our Esther, and the side (or face) that we hide from others ~ our Hadassah. Our Esther must deal with outside situations, precarious and sometimes harrowing circumstances that need us to rise above and beyond what many times we think we can handle. Our Esther must dress for success, for achievement, for purpose; while our Hadassah must permeate those situations with an aroma of sweetness, beauty and innocence. Our Hadassah must retain our essence of purity endeavoring our Esther to bring about a purpose greater than our own.

If that is confusing … then might I ask you to simply ponder on that throughout the day and ask the Holy One to reveal the hidden within you … with the one you know.

To be continued….

Hidden….Yet Revealed

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Hidden….Yet Revealed

One of my favorite books of the bible is, of course, the Book or Scroll of Esther. The amazing intrigue and mystique of this short story is laden with unbelievable hidden truths…..all in plain site.

After teaching and holding workshops in previous years on the mysteries of this young Jewish woman named Haddasah, but called Esther, I thought it time to bring those notes back out of the closet and share them again. So join with me and let’s discover again the beauty of this story.


Esther’s story is the story of the exiles of Israel who remained in the Persian Empire and were almost destroyed by the antagonist of the story, Haman. Why and who is this Haman? Well, Haman the Agagite was the grand vizier of the King of Persia, Ahaseurus, and a descendant of an Amalekite king, long-time enemies of the Jewish people. The Holy One, centuries earlier, had commanded King Saul to destroy the Amalekites (1 Samuel 15:3), but Saul failed to obey the order. His disobedience in this area not only led to the loss of his kingdom but in Esther’s time almost led to the annihilation of all the Jews. So glean, if you will, this first bit of advise ~ not following through with God’s commands always has consequences … either immediately or centuries down the road.

The basics of the story is set in the time frame of approximately 485-465 BCE where King Ahasuerus (sometimes called Xerxes) reigned. She was the daughter of Avihail (Esth 2:15) and is the cousin and adopted daughter of Mordecai who is from the tribe of Benjamin (Esth 2:5-7). The scriptures describe her as beautiful, obedient, godly and respectful. She loved and obeyed her uncle Mordechai.

Esther rises to the spotlight when the King holds a banquet and requires his queen – Vashti – to appear before the invited wearing her ‘crown‘. Some sages say that she was required to appear with only her crown and this is why she refused to obey. The story continues that the King vanquished her because of her refusal ~ he didn’t want other women to follow in her footsteps. (I could say a whole lot right here, but I’ll refrain!) A search ensued for all the young beautiful women in his kingdom to replace the Queen. Esther was one of the chosen and taken to the kingdom, along with various other young maidens. However, one small caveat … she kept her Jewish identity hidden.


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Torah Portions

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Torah Portions

Understanding what a “Torah Portion” means:

It is a custom among religious Jewish communities for a weekly Torah portion, to be read during Jewish prayer services on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. The full name, Hebrew: פָּרָשַׁת הַשָּׁבוּעַParashat HaShavua, is popularly abbreviated to parashah (also parshah /pɑːrʃə/ or parsha), and is also known as a Sidra or Sedra /sɛdrə/.

The parashah is a section of the Torah (Five Books of Moses) used in Jewish liturgy during a particular week. There are 54 parshas, or parashiyot in Hebrew, and the full cycle is read over the course of one Jewish year.

Each Torah portion consists of two to six chapters to be read during the week.

There are 54 weekly portions or parashot. Torah reading mostly follows an annual cycle beginning and ending on the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah, with the divisions corresponding to the lunisolar Hebrew calendar, which contains up to 55 weeks, the exact number varying between leap years and regular years. One week is always Passover and another is always Sukkot, and the final parashah, V’Zot HaBerachah, is always read on Simchat Torah. Apart for the “immovable” final portion, there can be up to 53 weeks available for the other 53 portions. In years with fewer than 53 available weeks, some readings are combined to achieve the needed number of weekly readings.

The annual completion of the Torah readings on Simchat Torah, translating to “Rejoicing in the Law”, is marked by Jewish communities around the world.

The appropriate parashah is chanted publicly by a designated reader (ba’al koreh) in Jewish prayer services, starting with a partial reading on the afternoon of Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, i.e. Saturday afternoon, again during the Monday and Thursday morning services, and ending with a full reading during the following Shabbat morning services (Saturday morning). The weekly reading is pre-empted by a special reading on major religious holidays. The Saturday morning and holiday readings are followed by an often similarly themed reading (Haftarah) from the Book of Prophets (Nevi’im).

The custom dates to the time of the Babylonian captivity (6th century BCE). The origin of the first public Torah readings is found in the Book of Nehemiah, where Ezra the scribe writes about wanting to find a way to ensure the Israelites would not go astray again. This led to the creation of a weekly system to read the portions of the Torah at synagogues.

Alternative triennial cycle

In ancient times some Jewish communities practiced a triennial cycle of readings. In the 19th and 20th centuries, many congregations in the Reform and Conservative Jewish movements implemented an alternative triennial cycle in which only one-third of each weekly parashah was read in a given year; and this pattern continues. The parashot read are still consistent with the annual cycle, but the entire Torah is completed over three years. Orthodox Judaism does not follow this practice.

Israel vs. the Diaspora

Due to different lengths of holidays in Israel and the Diaspora, the portion that is read on a particular week will sometimes not be the same inside and outside Israel.

The division of parashiot found in the modern-day Torah scrolls of all Ashkenazic, Sephardic, and Yemenite communities is based upon the systematic list provided by Maimonides in Mishneh Torah, Laws of Tefillin, Mezuzah and Torah Scrolls, Chapter 8. Maimonides based his division of the parashot for the Torah on the Masoretic text of the Aleppo Codex.

In the table, a portion that may be combined with the following portion to compensate for the changing number of weeks in the lunisolar year, is marked with an asterisk. The following chart will show the weekly readings.

(from Wikipedia)

Torah Portion #17 – Yitro

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Torah Portion #17 – Yitro

I am the Holy One your God. It is I Who brought you forth from the land of Egypt. Exodus 20:2

This is one of the most amazing and confusing Torah portions I’ve ever combed through – how about you? Have you ever considered a different understanding of this portion than the one you have been spoon-fed for years? Have you ever gone outside the box of religiosity and the dogmatic approach of theology to gaze into the looking glass of centuries past? Well, get ready beloved, you may vehemently object, but after you kick and scream and cling to your religious blanket, you may view our current situation just a bit differently. At least I hope so – it sure caused me to say ‘WHAT‘?

Part of this weeks reading commentary from one of my beloved teachers, Bill Bullock, who goes under Rabbi’s Son, wrote this:

“Ready or not, Moshe, Yitro is coming! We are at a propitious moment in the revelation stream. Act III of the Divine Drama we know as the Book of Exodus is about to begin. It will begin with you being thrown into a level of Kingdom Diplomacy and nation-building light years beyond your comfort zone. Advice and counsel will be flying, and it will all sound good.

Will you be able to sort through the Midyani hype, hyperbole, and hypocrisy? Will you be able to stand strong against the thinly-veiled pagan propaganda? Will you be able to stay focused on the Plan in the face of distractions of the flesh and the pseudo-intellect? Will you be able to keep your own fleshly emotions and ego in check? Will you be able to stay true to the Holy One’s directions for nation building – in the face of someone you like and trust telling you in eloquent language that there is a better, more logical, more pseudo-intellectually appealing, way than the Holy One has set in motion?

Gird up your loins, Moshe – you are definitely going to need your wits about you for this challenge! You will fail this challenge miserably; and so will we. But though we will fall, we will not quit. The Holy One will not forsake us, nor will He let us wallow in our failure. He will step out of His cloak of invisibility, eternality, and in-corporeality in the most glorious way possible. And He will let us hear, once again, the vast difference between His glorious Voice, and His immutable Wisdom, and the voice of mere men, and the silly pseudo-intellectual ideas and opinions produced by the fallen minds of men.  He will then lift us up, dust us off, inspire us, empower us, and set us back on track to establish His Grand Plan of redemption and restoration in the world!”

So….is your interest piqued yet? What’s your take on this part of the Torah reading? Are you seeing what I see? Moshe is going to listen to a Midianite priest…his father-in-law Yitro instead of doing what the Holy One had previously told him to do! You’re not the only one that has never considered this side of the equation! I’ve always thought that the Holy One had sent Yitro in to set Moshe straight – to help him in the delegation of authority! Mmmmm another viewpoint to consider.

How about telling me what you think?

~ Blessings, Pam ~


and read the rest of the story here

2021 … repeat of 2020?

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2021 … repeat of 2020?

Dear beloved… we are – one week into the New Calendar Year and nothing but continued chaos.  The year 2021 appears to be just a 2020 Part 2….

So how do we go forward from here? Are we that believe in the greatness of our country, who stand for equality, freedom of religion, speech and all other God-given rights on the ‘wrong side of the law’ now? May it never be so!


It truly is time for a GREAT RESET! But let’s remember who actually is putting his finger on that BIG RED BUTTON! It is the Great “I AM”no matter what it looks like in the here and now.…it truly is only Him. SO…. as I’ve always maintained, ‘it’s all in your perspective’.   Let’s change our perspective!

We can all admit, ‘the times they are a-changing’ – it’s a given. Time to gear up, pray up, and look forward! Have you stopped long enough to consider that there may be some AWESOME and MIGHTY new experiences just arising on the horizon? It’s time to view our cups as half full instead of half empty and be excited at the changes that are being birthed into existence! What are those new and exciting changes that are offering us promise? Consider if you will what might be possible:


While the above are just some thoughts that are slowly rising to the surface of my battle-weary psyche, my friend Bill Bullock lays it out even more elequently:


Your mind is always searching for a center of gravity – a default focus of thought, self-talk, motivation, aspiration, mood, attitude, conversation, and behavior.

Some choose for their personal center of gravity a political or ideological identification and ideology. For others it is an ethnic identification and ideology. For still others it is a socio-economic class identification and ideology. Some constantly revert to thinking about romance and/or sex; others fixate on morality. Some choose to direct their thoughts to making money and acquiring and protecting possessions; others on how the money and possessions of others should be expended or reallocated in a way more pleasing to whatever ideation they foolishly think of as their ‘truth’. Some fixate on physical appearance; others on what they like to think of as ‘health’ and/or ‘wellness’. Some choose to make their favorite alcoholic beverage, their drug of choice, or the pharmaceutical drug they need or think they need their center of gravity. Some focus on some abstract idea of ‘social justice’, which usually just means inflicting rage and vengeance on those who they judge as a threat to their imaginary ‘social justice’ model.

The only thought-life center of gravity default that brings lasting joy, peace, and shalom, and provides a strong foundation for relationships with one’s fellow human beings, however, devolves from and revolves around the Creator and His Torah. Not sacramental, symbolic, ideological, or institutional religion – the Creator Himself, and the actual personal study, consideration, and applications of his Ways. When our thoughts, self-talk, aspirations, mood, attitude, motivations, conversations, and behaviors remain focused on Him – instead of any of the other things mentioned above – we actually become capable of truly great things.

So…….question is ….. how’s your RESET going?

a little help goes a long way….we’re paying it forward to help others as well!
Thank you!


A Day of Great RESET – January 6, 2021

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A Day of Great RESET – January 6, 2021

From the


For what it’s worth!

So now……… go watch the below video and make it VIRAL!


Key to the Door – Got yours?

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Key to the Door – Got yours?

The Staley Space

Good morning and welcome back to a few moments of “Sharing My Space – the Staley Space’for what it’s worth.

As the early morning glimmers of light slowly drew back the curtains of darkness and filled the spaces with consciousness, reality began washing away the fragmented dreams like waves kissing the sandy beach … and another day emerges into focus. My eyes were still somewhat closed, but the fact remained, the night had slipped away and morning was knocking – again. The ritual resumes…prayers…thankfulness for another day of breath…a longing to be of help to someone and yes…a desire to fill the need of being needed.

  And then there is coffee.

Sipping fresh roasted coffee I ponder how the calendar year has slowly ebbed away with a whimper and crawled off into some dark corner and 2021 emerges, for everyone it seems, as a year of The Great Reset. Depending on where one stands politically, religiously, or even emotionally, I think everyone can sense that change is coming. What that change will look like …. may very well be in your hands alone.

Each and every year we have been programmed to make a change, set new agendas, lose weight, start a new journey – but this year – something is a bit different. Each and every one of us – over the age of reason – can ‘feel it coming’. Personally, I want to make sure that that ‘something’ …. is headed in the right direction. And that can only happen if ‘my space’, my little piece of Staley Space is adhered and joined to the One who is ultimately in charge of all RESETS – the one that calls himself the Great I AM.


Why is that so important to me this year? Because the entire world is in RESET mode….lives have drastically been altered, families forever separated or joined together by unnatural forces, jobs disintegrated, never to be gained again, fear and chaos grip the nation….no the entire world! CHANGE is in the air! Do you feel it? Can you taste it? It’s here …. No doubt about it.

So, with that being said – what do you do about it? REJOICE!

YES! That’s what I said! REJOICE! Because YOU hold the keys to the HOW in that change! YOU put that key into the door of change, and YOU are the only one able to unlock and enter the other side of CHANGE! How do you know what you will find on the other side of that locked door? It will all depend on your perspective … your vision … your desires.

Change your perspective, and you change your life.

Imagine your vision and you create your world.

Search out the desires and passion of your heart and you walk in fulfillment!

So, you see dear friends, the GREAT RESET is up to you – only you – your perspective, your vision, your desires and passion will CREATE your SPACE ….

In this tiny little slice of Staley Space … I simply want to make sure that the key that I’ve been given fits the door that the Great I AM created. And how do I know that? Because He has already sent me confirmation, a nudging to go forward and is clearing the cobwebs from behind that door. Knowing that He is with me, that He is there for me and that if I lean on Him that big RESET that is around the corner will be exactly where He wants me to go.

So….got your key? Let’s go.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all they ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6