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Blue Skies…ever think of what goes along with those deep baby blues….and the wispy pale images that float just underneath its canopy?

L … I …. F …. E

Yes, underneath that untouchable, majestic heavenly realm springs forth life.

The clamor of life begins early, as the sun’s rays begin to peek forth from it’s slumber and all life takes a deep breath and begins anew. At the slightest golden ray, the day’s journey begins for myriads from every corner to awaken. I imagine the giants of the woodland life feel the first warm touches as they reach upward to the heavenlies and then it filters through their leaves to embrace the lowlands. Almost as soon as her bounty reaches the corners of this place we call Earth, life is abuzz with, well, life.

Creatures of all kinds are in full chorus – cardinals singing out “CHEERFULLY – CHEERFULLY”….robins stopping for a few seconds to respond with their own addition, the tiny thumbprint of the hummingbird swoop gracefully back and forth as they replenish their tiny bodies with sugar water, jays screeching and squirrels chattering in the background. A symphony that is available to all, free of charge. Yours, for the replenishing of the soul.

It is simply astonishing what transpires underneath the dome of the Sovereign Creator of the Universe. The orchestration of it all simply is breathless and causes one to gasp in amazement. Today is a gift – a gift given freely – not expected – but cherished. From your corner of the porch, take a moment in the morning to breathe in the majesty and beauty of His expressions of love for His children. The Holy One calls to you from His Rembrandt – His intricate painting of LIFE on the canvas of the world each and every day – delivered so artistically and with such loving care that it will soothe battered emotions and heal up wounds, and renew your life. Simply take a few moments to allow it to soak into your spirit. It is a precious gift, one not to be dismissed lightly.

As you take that moment, the soothing balm of His Song will brings life to all who lend an ear. Sit with me dear one, on my front porch in the morning, and drink in the wonders of His beauty……it will remind us both that He is …. ‘LIFE‘.
Is. 55:12       “For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands”

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