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Sometimes life can be a challenge….a BIG challenge…so many trap doors, forks in the road, pitfalls, good choices, bad choices….what’s a person to do? Many just simply give up and go home…and stay there. But what does that get you? Basically….it gives you stagnation. And no one wants that. It stinks!

So…what’s another option? When less than what we think are good circumstances come your way, and your emotions begin to rise up and rebel, take a step back and look around you with new eyes. Eyes that see through the prism of the Holy One….and you may see things differently.

And remember – nothing is a one way street – it’s always a two-way street. So while you think you are ‘in it alone’ … not so my dear friend, not so. Our lives, your life, my life always touch another….it’s all about cause and effect – and we all are on one end (or both ends!) or the other.

So no matter what you are going through – know that there are reasons that sometimes only HE can see; but there are others on the same path and while the effects may be different for them, we are all on this road together. Never give up, never let go of that hand and always choose to forgive. Keep praying on!


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