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Chanukah Inspiration

First night: Is 51:1-4; Prov 6:23; Matt 25:1-4; Prov 13:9; Lam 2:9; Prov 29:18
Discuss: The importance of the new understanding of what Torah really means.
Question: What was the light Messiah brought to the nations?
Prayer: That God would bring His light into any dark areas in our own lives

Second night: Ps 119:1-24
Discuss: How living out the Torah makes us light in this dark world.
Question: What does Ps 119:18 mean to you?
Prayer: That God would open our eyes to see wonderful things in His Torah!

Third night: Ps 119:25-48
Discuss: Having borders or fences to protect us is a good principle not bad.
Question: What is the significance of Ps 119:44,45?
Prayer: That we may see Torah is what God has given to protect us.

Fourth Night: Ps 119:49-72
Discuss: What should we value more: riches or Torah
Question: What does Ps 119:53 mean to you?
Prayer: That we may learn to put a higher value on what God says.

Fifth Night: Ps 119:73-96
Discuss: The faithfulness and longevity of God’s Word.
Question: What does Ps 119:89-91 mean to you?
Prayer: That God would settle His Word in each of our lives.

Sixth Night: Ps 119:97-120
Discuss: How God’s Word is what lights our path so we won’t fall.
Question: What does Ps 119:103-105 mean to you?
Prayer: That the Messiah would use us to help others.

Seventh Night: Ps 119:121-144
Discuss: Why the servant of God wants God to get working.
Question: What does Ps 119:125,126,135,136 mean to you?
Prayer: That we can comprehend our new identity and respond to the call of being lights to the world.

Eighth Night: Ps 119:145-176
Discuss: How great Peace comes from following Torah
Question: What does Ps 119:165-167 mean to you?
Prayer: That we may fall in love with God’s laws and not be led astray.


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