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This is an easy recipe and you’ll love the idea of sending out the kids to pick dandelion flowers! It will keep them busy for at least an hour (hehe). But, seriously – this is a good one!

Gather as many dandelion flowers as you want or until you get tired of bending over. This recipe fills six 8oz mason jars. You can revamp it to fill up what you would rather use.


2 quarts water

1 package powdered pectin

2 tablespoons lemon juice

5 1/2 cups sugar

The only part you want of the flower is the yellow – snip off any green, or as much as you can. this recipe calls for about 4 cups of the yellow petals. When using wild flowers, or anything you pick, always rinse them in a colander to remove any debris. You can also soak them in a sink full of water with a bit of vinegar in the water as well.
Get out your large pot (enough to hold 4 quarts if you can) and fill the pot with 1/2 that much water boiling the petals for 3-4 minutes. Then cool that water down till it is tepid (may take a couple hours!).  Doing this will give you the prettiest color possible. After it’s cool, then strain your tea being careful to not lose any of the precious ‘tea’.
Now, simply measure out about 3 cups of your dandelion ‘tea’ add your lemon juice and pectin and bring again to a boil. Make sure your pot is deep enough or it will boil over! When it’s at a rolling boil, add your sugar, stir and boil for about 3 minutes. Then just turn off the heat, skim any nasties from the surface and pour into your processed jars.
Let it sit….and then enjoy this delicious goldness!

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