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Monumental blasts of dark clouds are forecast for the upcoming future…at least that’s what all the pundits are shouting every single moment of every single day!

Seems to me there’s another saying….remember ‘chicken little’? Yep, the ‘sky is falling, the sky is falling!’ … and all because of one little drop of rain.

So what is the truth? As always, the answer is usually found somewhere in the middle. So, if we take both extremes – from ‘nothing to see here’ on one side, to ‘the sky is falling, the sky is falling’ we’ll find that somewhere in the middle we will find a balance of understanding.

And how does one arrive at the middle? Well..that’s pretty simple actually. Open your bible, and read a few verses………He’s got it covered!

So … be prepared ….  but walk in faith and trust in Him!


Spread the truth!


  1. 11-13-2021

    Thank you!! Very well needed message for many living in fear.

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