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and of course that BIG DAY was the 2020 Election!

and we still don’t know who will be running the country!


Our country is so divided…so torn apart by the rhetoric and imaginations that run wild with conspiracy theories and deep state shenanigans. Are they valid accusations? I don’t know. What I do know is that there is truly something going on! You can not have this much confusion, this much division, this much NOISE without something going on! The last time our country was THIS divided was right before the civil war …. just saying.

All that being said……what do we do?

What do we, as ones who call ourselves bible believers, and who say we adhere to a higher calling, walk this out? We who believe and say we follow the God of Israel, obey the ten commandments and try to walk out our faith in all situations – how do we behave when everything looks so dire? We do what we always do…..go to our knees!

It is time for ALL of us in the KINGDOM to realize that KINGDOM RULES >>>> RULE <<<<. There is a protocol that goes along with building a kingdom … and we, as believers, need to recognize that our KING is on the THRONE and that we need to approach Him as that Supreme Judge! So, while He is, yes, our Father, He is also the King of the Universe. So if you are unfamiliar with Kingdoms and protocol and rules…. let’s review.

In a Kingdom there is a time to approach the King. A servant must petition the court to hear his case and that case has to have not only facts and figures, it must be iron-clad (unless you want to take a chance on losing!). So, in short, as servants we need to gather our facts (promises of the King and written down in His book) present them before Him.  We need to take counsel with our mediator, Yeshua HaMashiach and then appear in the courtroom with our case. Our mediator will plead our case before the Judge and remind Him of the rules of the book and the promises that the King has made with His people. Then we will throw ourselves on the court and ask that the prosecuting attorney, the adversary and his accusations are struck from the record and that the case ruled in our favor!

It is time, beloved, to get serious! Let’s put on our boots and grab our sword ~ are you with me?


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