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The sands of time are rushing through the great hourglass. The Seventh of the Ten Days of Awe is already upon us. The day of our annual appointed death-to-self consecration ceremony – Yom Kippur – is rapidly approaching.

Our focus on this seventh Day of Awe is the Seventh of the Prophetic Empowerment spoken over us by our Bridegroom-King at Sinai. That empowerment is short and sweet:

לֹא תִּנְאָֽף
transliteration: Lo tinaf
rough translation: You will not adulterate yourself

This empowerment is commonly translated from the Hebrew to English as ‘You will not commit adultery’. But the prophetic empowerments of our King were not conceived or spoken in the English language, but in the Hebrew tongue. And, as always, the Hebrew verbs used by the Holy One are so much deeper than the English verbs usually used to translate them could ever express.

The Hebrew verb is na’af. This verb’s scope and meaning go far deeper and further than engaging in an physical act of sexual intimacy outside a covenant of eternal ish/ishah oneness. Na’af means to adulterate one’s essence in any way. To adulterate is to weaken, dilute, or corrupt a person or thing by mixing, connecting, or uniting it with someone or some thing with which it is incompatible in essence or in purpose.

How do we mix with other people? First of all, we mix with other human beings through the operation of our organs of sight. The first glance at a person is usually a matter of chance; beyond that first innocent glance, however, what and who we look at is a matter of choice. Choosing to look at, stare at, make eye contact with, or fantasize about a person is to mix our destiny with theirs. It is to na’af with them.

We also mix our destiny with other human beings through conversation. This can include written or keyboard conversations as well as in person or telephonic or electronic conversations. The key factor is employing the organs of communication.

We also mix our destiny with other human beings through the mental process of association. We let our minds begin to think of ourselves in relationship with another person.

And of course we also mix our destiny with other human beings through our organs of physical contact. The more intimate the physical contact, the more ‘mixture’ takes place at every level – body, will, mind, emotions, spirit, essence, identity, mission, and destiny.

Here is an essential reality all human beings need to grasp: Mixing any two or more people always results in a change in both. It is like chemistry. In chemistry one finds that the mixture of some elements creates alloys that are stronger together than the components are apart, while the mixture of other elements results in anything from a process of chemical decomposition to a volatile explosion. So it is with the mixture of human beings. Mixing the will, the mind, the emotions, or the body also mixes the spirit, the essence, the mission, and the destiny of each person involved.

For a human being, to na’af [adulterate] means to weaken or destroy one’s essence by mixing it with someone [or even theoretically some thing] with which it is spiritually incompatible.

The Holy One has designed, formed and empowered each human being with a powerful, unique spiritual identity in order that we would be able to accomplish our mission of spreading the majesty and goodness of His Kingdom throughout the spheres of influence He has established for us on this planet. We have an assigned course. We have our orders, and we have our assigned areas of responsibility. With that come ‘no fly’ zones. In order to accomplish the mission as it is designed for us we have to learn to eschew the toxic diversions of the eye, the toxic distractions of the mind,and every level of toxic admixture of the flesh.

Keep your eyes focused on the true and eternal prize and all Divinely assigned targets, goals, and milestones along the way.

Keep your mind focused on the Divinely assigned mission.

Physical members engaged in Divinely assigned tasks.

Stay true to your identity. And stay on course for your destiny.

Lo tinaf.

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