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An interesting date, to be sure –
especially in the year we are trying to forget …… 2020.

Some call it Christmas Day, some Friday, others Shabbat. I’m of the latter group and while I do still have lingering snowflakes dancing in my head and memories of mountains of presents flickering in the recesses of my phyche….they are simply distant places that once occupied time.

Now, as I look back and contemplate on all that has gone on in my almost 70 years, I realize that each and every stop along the way was an important learning curve,  a step in the journey of my life. All of the experiences has filled in the empty spaces on this journey called life and has presented me with valleys and mountaintops, swimming pools and pot holes. All of it a maze of wonder.

So… … with just my four-legged, faithful girl lovingly looking up at me, my parents in the background doing their ‘thing’ on the computer and myself doing a memory lap, I pray for each and every soul that reads these few words…

May your day be one of blessings, and peace and joy….and may your heart soak in the ‘rest’ (Shabbat) of the King you serve.

Shabbat Shalom,   Pamela

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  1. 12-25-2020

    Been a few years since we met on the porch,now I am rocking a recliner !
    Hugs and blessings from Chardon Ohio !

    • 12-26-2020

      Oh my goodness Ruby……..’The Porch’ ….. so, many years ago. And yes……I am now seated in a recliner as well….. blessings to you dear sister … and thank you for the beautiful reminder of days gone by!


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