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It is during this season, the season where the King is in the field, that we examine our hearts, our lives, our motives, our agendas and return back to the ways of our King, our Messiah.

During this time, the traditional prayers are ones that all ask our Creator, our Father, to forgive us. The three prayers that are customary are called selach lanu, mechal lanu and kapper lanu. The words may seem a bit different, but they all mean the same thing, howbeit with different implications. Not only do they implore us to seek forgiveness from God – we need to seek forgiveness from others as well. Are we up to that task? Well, what do you have to lose?

The prayer Selach Lanu comes from selichah which means pardon. When one asks for a pardon, one is sorry for what they did – they are truly repentant about doing it and are determined to not repeat the offense.   The being asked must always respond positively. To not grant that pardon deems the person cruel and inhuman. We must always take a request such as this at face value and not try to impute ulterior motives to it.

Mecha Lanu springs from mechilah which means wiping away.  This is a bit more difficult to do because we basically are asking the one we have injured to wipe away the offense or the injury as if it never occurred. Not only that, we are asking them to heal and restore the relationship to what it is was before it happened! Now that is a bit too much one would say – ‘as if it never happened’? Seriously?  Have you ever been hurt or offended so deeply, so badly that if that person would just approach you and say ‘I’m sorry, forgive me and let’s be healed and restored’ … could you do it? Well, you may think you can’t – or won’t – but you must.  It is difficult to be sure, but the Holy One has given us the power to even forgive at this level. After all, has He not forgiven you to that level?

praisingAnd lastly we have Kapper lanu which comes from kapparah and it means atonement. This is a very deep level of forgiveness and it is one that each of us have experienced at one time or another. When we simply can’t live with ourselves because of that broken relationship, because our conscience is so bothered that we constantly think about how to ‘fix’ things, when we dream and daydream about what went wrong, we simply must go to the other person and ask forgiveness so that the guilt and hurt is replaced with the former warmth and love once had in that relationship. This too, may be too difficult to respond positively to – but if it is, turn your heart to your heavenly Father and allow Him to soften your heart, to see with His eyes.

Again, don’t let this time go by without dealing with the distance that is between you and your broken relationships….the longer you ignore it, the more you sweep it under the rug, the deeper the chasm you will have to go over.

Ask yourself:  Do you have any broken relationships that need to be restored? Is there a distance between you and a friend that used to be closer than a brother? Maybe there is a family member that you need to reach out to.

Exercise for the day: In your journal make two columns. In one column write down the names of those in your broken relationships (no matter whose fault).  In the other column – write down what you think would bring restoration. (Here’s a hint for each answer in the 2nd column.  It’s all the same answer……

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