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COMPASSION – Do you have it?

Part of the preparatory work of Elul is to examine how compassionate we are in the things we do, say and act upon. This is the month when the Holy One’s compassion freely flows, even though it flows all the time, this is the month of the living waters that flow freely. But to be refreshed, to be renewed, to be overwhelmed with his compassion we must reach up from where we are in this world into the next to bring it into our lives.

The secret of Ani l’dodi, “I am for my beloved” is all about taking initiative. I must first show that >I< am for my beloved, it is I who must take the first step. It is the same with our relationships here on earth – we must take the first step in showing compassion – never waiting for the ‘other’ person. We must take the initiative.

But does that man that you just look the other way and ignore insults, offenses, and crimes? Of course not! Compassion never contradicts the element of justice. There are still consequences for actions and those consequences always follow. So what is compassion then? First, it is simply being sensitive to another person. Why? Because each of us, no matter what we look like on the outside, has a part of the Divine inside of us. We are made in His image. He has compassion on each of us, how can we do any less?


Ask yourself:  How difficult is it for you to be compassionate to someone else? Do you see holiness or coarseness in others? Why? Exercise for the day:

– Reach out to someone you know that you are not able to see the Holy One’s aspects within, and be compassionate. See with His eyes.

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