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So, we’ve been talking about letting go, mentors, being pushed. Why is that? Well, we need to take stock of ourselves-especially during this season. Why this season? Because we are fast approaching a time when Messiah JUST MAY COME – and we want to be

ready! We want to present ourselves as a spotless bride don’t we? I know I do. So, this is why we are examining ourselves.

However, just being pushed, or nudged or guided by our mentor (if you have found one), just isn’t enough. Our destination needs to be determined. We need to learn to focus on the destination so that we can be ready at any given time to change course in order to stay on course!

Here’s a little story that may help you:

Rabbi Mendel Futerfas, who spent many years in a Siberian gulag, tells how he learned a great lesson from a tightrope walker who was also imprisoned there.

The rabbi asked the tightrope walker what is the secret to his art. “What does one need to master? Balance? Stamina? Concentration?”

The tightrope walker’s answered surprised him: “The secret is always keeping your destination in focus. You have to keep your eyes on at the other end of the rope, and that’s how you get there is a straight line, without wavering. But do you know what the hardest part is?”

“When you get to the middle?” the rabbi ventured.

“No,” said the tightrope walker. “It’s when you make the turn. Because for a fraction of a second, you lose sight of your destination. When you don’t have sight of your destination that is when you are most likely to fall.”

So when you are trying to focus on your destination, when you are forced to take that last step and turn around at the end of the rope, remember to focus on where you are going. You may not know where you are headed in that split second, but if you  have your destination in mind, you will arrive. It is a natural outcome of being focused.

So what is the destination of all human beings? Our destination is exactly what the Holy One of Israel, the Creator of the Universe has in mind…..redemption of the entire world. His creation will one day be restored to what it was in the beginning. And it is our work during this season to help advance that restoration in the world.  This is the season we are looking within, we are examining our hearts, our lives, our ideas. The redemption of the world begins with us…are you ready

Ask yourself:

What is your focus and your destination? Do you know? Are you able to see the bigger picture?

Exercise for the day:

Take a few moments to mediate on what you think your purpose is on this earth. Can you see yourself in the bigger picture? Ask yourself how you can make a difference in your daily life and join in the Creator’s plan of redemption throughout your day? Is there a relationship that needs redeeming?

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