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What exactly is holiness? Have you ever wondered about the meaning of holiness or have you just given it a head not? Let’s delve a bit deeper into what holiness might look like.

First of all, if we are made in the image of God, and He is certainly holy, holinessthan surely some of that holiness must be somewhere within us! Wouldn’t you agree? Now, I know…..some of you may be saying…well I certainly don’t see any holiness in so and so. That might be true, you might not be able to see any holiness – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hidden somewhere deep, deep within. If we are all truly made in His image, than somewhere deep within the recesses of who we call ‘us’ has to be a flicker of that flame. It just needs to be given the right fuel to burn! And you may be that spark, so be ready – in season and out.

“and you shall be holy to Me, for I, the LORD, am holy and have set you apart from the nations to become Mine.” Leviticus 20:26

Holy –  the word in Hebrew is qadosh and is best understood when one reads Numbers 16:38.  In Numbers it explains that being ‘holy’ is not about a moral state – it is about being separate. It is about setting aside something (be it you or something else) for a holy or set-apart use.

Let’s take our meeting together on our ‘set apart’ day to worship Him. Does our gathering take on the look of a corporate business meeting? Do we simply follow the routine of (1) worship, (2) message, (3) offering and (4) ending song? Week after week after week … the same routine. Do you think this actually looks like a set-apart gathering – or simply more of the same ole same ole?

Am I saying that every gathering that does the above is not of Him? Of course not. But it is up to you to be set apart so that what you engage in is set apart! Let us never settle for common place, let us never settle for routine.

So how do we display holy? Well, since holy, or qadoshis to be set apart, and all of scripture is about living a holy life – what are we to be set apart from? The likely and most important answer is obvious – it is sin. We are to simply move away from that which is not of God and the only way to do that is to be wholly consecrated to Him! So if we are separated or set apart it is not what we do, but who we do it for! If we are simply devoted to our local church or congregation it becomes just another religious performance. If we simply are caring for others out of rote obedience, it is simply a good work. If we simply acknowledge God – we are not better than the heathen who also knows there is a God. Who are you separated to?

It is time to come out from under the age-old comfort zone of doing something just for the sake of tradition, familiarity or looking holy. Let us begin to separate ourselves for Him and find out what HE would want us to do. What did the representative He sent to us in the form of the Messiah, the Word made flesh, actually do? How did He represent His Father? Seems to me he walked in mercy and love, compassion and right rulings, forgiveness and submission. He walked out being holy through the attributes of His Father.

Ask yourself: Does your life exemplify helping the widow and the orphan, or do you simply don the gear of religiosity as you walk through your daily chores?

Exercise for the day: Recognize the holiness and the set-apartness (or not) of what you are doing and determine how to walk in holiness. Set yourself apart this day to reach out in compassion and love to someone you would not normally do so. Determine this day to walk in the footsteps of Messiah!


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